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Anonymous · 2 years ago

Hi amusleh,

Thanks for the update (I got the GIT version) this works very nice!

There is indeed a timeframe visibility option, but this is for all patterns at the same time. If one could change it per pattern that would be great. But as this is a missing functionality in the whole cTrader platform, I understand that this could be difficult to accomplish. Would it be possible to add an option to the timeframe visibility "smaller than / bigger than" the selected timeframe? With this you could add 2 of these indicators to a chart: 1 showing patterns on a timeframe "smaller than" 1 hour, the other indicator "bigger than" 1 hour. I use your indicator mostly for EW patterns.

Sorry about the misunderstanding of the cycle-size, I should have explained this a little more. What I meant was that it would be nice to change the Cycle size of the EW patterns afterwards (from SuperCycle to Cycle for example). 

A lot of thanks for all the work you've put into this, it's very useful!

Anonymous · 2 years ago

Amazing, I've been waiting for this :)

Would be nice to change the color of the letters after the pattern has has been drawn, and change the cycle-size. Also visibility per timeframe would be useful.