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@mac osx:  23 Mar 2023, 11:14

I've just asked for an OpenAPI key because having to use others API for historical data is a pain.

I hope that it will help me to speed up the development.

@mac osx:  18 Mar 2023, 20:49

I've fixed some bugs, most important, now it runs on a clean High Sierra or higher OS-X.


@FIX API down?:  11 Mar 2023, 11:12

My fault, I did a small change and I did not receive messages back.

@FIX API down?:  10 Mar 2023, 21:20

Is FIX API down? I've been trying to connect but I can't login, it was working about 8 hours ago (about 12:00 CET 10/3/2032), but some minutes later I can't login to my account.

I'm trying to connect to h24.p.ctrader.com, also I've tried this IP, but I get no response.

By the way, why the domain name was removed from FIX API dialog?

@mac osx:  09 Mar 2023, 23:41

First beta version


Join to discord group if you are a mac user


PD: sorry for the "spam"

@mac osx:  23 Feb 2023, 01:50

bishbashbosh said:

that's interesting - what's the stack? and it seems like quite a task to take on - are you planning to market it?

for cTrader themselves, now that .net MAUI is out, they could presumably rework their (WPF?) codebase into that and achieve native macOS support.

The network & data management code it's in C++, user interface in Objective-C, bot scripts (very simple) in Lua.

Right now I'm using FIX protocol for price quote but It doesn't have access to historical data, so I'm using other API for that. I'm having some issues with the constraints. I want to release a free version as soon as I fix that. By the way, right now, you can't place orders (I haven't looked that part) and you can only draw trend lines.

@mac osx:  17 Feb 2023, 14:03

carloseulalio70 said:

Create a ctrader version for apple computers.

I'm coding a native osx app, but is in an early stage of development.

@cTrader Web 4.5 feels too 'heavy' on safari:  15 Feb 2023, 18:55

I've the same issue on Mac with Chrome, it runs way slower than the previous version and eats a lot of bandwidth, I can't have several windows (2 or 3) with cTrader web running.

@cTrader for Mac:  15 Jul 2022, 01:04

Still a lot of things to do but getting better...

I'm using FIX protocol, and sometimes some symbols don't get subscribed (EURUSD, EURGBP, EURAUD...). Also, I'm using some external services for the historical data (FIX implementation doesn't support historical data) and it's a nightmare because I can only send a few queries per minute.

@Can I request multiple symbols in one market data request?:  27 May 2022, 19:33

amusleh said:


Most probably something is wrong with your own app, either message checksums are not valid or something else is not correct with the messages you sent.

Thanks for the tip, If you look into my messages you can see that sometimes the message length field(9) is wrong.

Same message, but with very different sizes, I was storing the message into a vector but then I was looking for a null-terminated string to calculate the length. What a stupid mistake, now it registers to any symbol with a single message.

OUT: 8=FIX.4.4|9=144|35=V|34=5|49=live.icmarkets.****|50=******|52=20220520-19:21:27.018|57=QUOTE|56=cServer|262=reqId1|263=1|264=1|267=2|269=0|269=1|146=1|55=1|10=149|

OUT: 8=FIX.4.4|9=410|35=V|34=7|49=live.icmarkets.*****50=******|52=20220520-19:21:53.622|57=QUOTE|56=cServer|262=reqId5|263=1|264=1|267=2|269=0|269=1|146=1|55=14|10=203|

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