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@Profit/Loss Indicator on chart:  10 Nov 2019, 21:39

thjis no longer works?  errors on build

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@No bots work:  29 Nov 2022, 19:29

Great! so that means you found the issue right?  was beginning to think it was something my end.

@No bots work:  28 Nov 2022, 15:05

two reports sent, thank you

@No bots work:  28 Nov 2022, 14:58


@No bots work:  24 Nov 2022, 18:25

Sorry it took a while - broke my microphone i'm afraid so here is a silent video of me adding both custom indicators which are your samples and custom cbots which are also your samples 


Forgot to mention - no errors, nothing in the journal and noting in the automate tab

@No sound on cTrader Wed?:  23 Nov 2022, 21:39

18 months on and this is happening to me also

@No bots work:  21 Nov 2022, 15:36

I have a very powerful i9 64gb ram computer with m2 drives.

No matter what i do ctrader will not run bots OR indeed show custom indicators on the chart.  I have tried the clean install instructions etc

I'm running Windows 11

Thing is I have a laptop running the same windows 11 and it runs bots perfectly. 

any ideas?

@Simple Audi0 Alert:  10 Feb 2021, 17:14

Is there any small indicator somewhere that will play an audio file when two moving averages cross?

Don't want to buy one, just wondering if anyone has one for ctrader i could pinch :)

@Labels:  10 Feb 2021, 12:46

Thanks for the response :)

Awesome software by the way.  just wish there were more programmers for it.

@Labels:  09 Feb 2021, 21:00

Is there any way to add a label to an existing trade?  one that was placed manually?

If not, why not?

@backtasting help:  07 Feb 2021, 16:35

radioglyn said:

Hi, i'm, running ctrader 3.8 and trying to backtest

the backtest runs but the only thing i can see is the chart - no stats on equity / drawdown etc - 

see screenshot here

how come the stats have disappeared from the bottom half of the screen?

ignore, found it lol

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