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@Advanced Grid Blazer:  07 Jul 2020, 20:42

Yes, that is correct. As a paying customer, you received configuration files in accordance with your investment profile and level of ambition.

@Renko Trend Trader:  28 Jan 2020, 15:03

Hi Traderfxmster007,   Thanks a lot for your message. We agree, there are many as of yet unexplored possibilities trading RENKO. We've put your request on our list. Thanks for your suggestion.  Be sure to check us out at https://www.forexcove.com/ Regards, Niels

@Renko Trend Trader:  15 Jan 2020, 21:45

Renegade, failed to mention we are running with 25% discount on the Swiss Army Knife until January 25. Use coupon: FXCOVE25

@Renko Trend Trader:  15 Jan 2020, 21:40

Hi Renegade, Thanks for your comment. Firstly, the free code provided is a programming example of a RENKO trading algo, and will not be made available for commercial use. It was meant to serve as a basis for other programmers interested in RENKO. Also, you cannot backtest with candle or tick data, you have to use RENKO. And cTrader cannot backtest RENKO, so the results you report cannot be taken literally. I suggest you look into our Swiss Army Knife. A very capable robot. Detailed description here: https://www.forexcove.com/swiss-army-knife-forex-robot-trader/ In-depth video here:  https://vimeo.com/385086551/99b712da62 Regards, Nielsen

@Renko Trend Trader:  13 Jan 2020, 15:10

Yes, it can make for an interesting strategy combining the two. I'll put your video request on our list. Take care!
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Breakout Trend Bot
free  21 Sep 2022
By ForexCove. The Breakout Trend Bot trades in the direction of trend. Pending orders are placed x-pips above or below previous highest high or lowest low, and if market shows strength in the predicted direction, the trade is taken. You can configure desired trend strength with built in ADX filter, and even let TP and SL targets be defined by ATR.  To download a sample config file, visit this link HERE
ForexCove SuperTrend Trader
free  08 Nov 2021
Trade XAUUSD, EURUSD or any other financial instrument with our SuperTrend Forex Robot. The algo can trade traditional Japanese candlesticks or Renko bricks.  Grab the serial for testing it out here:  https://www.forexcove.com/supertrend-forex-robot/  
free  02 Jun 2021
Try the engine behind one of our best-selling algos.  The Swiss Army Knife Forex Robot is a beast. We’ve been able to pack an impressive number of indicators, functionalities and modes of operation into this bot, making it an incredibly sophisticated and inspiring algorithm to use. You can do simple trend trading with multiple moving averages, work with up to four timeframes for confirmation, it gives your volatility and candle filters, an RSI indicator, you can adjust trade volume dynamically, and you can enable Martingale if that’s your thing. You can even set the individual trailing stop in a Martingale sequence – something never seen before. We set out to build a complete, innovative and all-inspiring Forex trading robot, and I believe we have managed to do so. Visit us at ForexCove. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE CONFIG FILE HERE DOWNLOAD TRADE HISTORY HERE.                                       Visit us at ForexCove.  
paid  17 Feb 2021
For a limited time only, we’re offering three flexible and profitable Forex algos for cTrader, bundled in one package. (Learn more here) Each bring something useful to your trading; together, they constitute a powerful collection of trading approaches and strategies. As a result, you are now better able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by both different markets and different financial instruments. Remember, your overall profitable Forex strategy is the sum of individual profitable Forex strategies. Use the highly efficient Stochastic Trend Trader to trade trending instruments, either looking for natural swings in the market, or with a Master Moving Average for pullback trading; a great algo for trading indices. Our Renko Trading Algo is a great choice for scalping or trading news releases. Filter movement with an ADX filter, and trade profitably on a per volume basis. Our Swing Bot Pro is the perfect match for ranging instruments combining the RSI with an Heikin-Ashi indicator, filtering out many false reverse signals for optimized trading.                                                                                      
Adaptive Grid Strategy
paid  08 Jul 2020
Profitable Forex Grid Trading is finally here. The Adaptive Grid Blazer by ForexCove – our most advanced Grid Trading Algo for trading the Forex markets. With it’s advanced predictive engine, this Forex robot allows for analysis of ideal grid size in real-time. Possibly the greatest innovation for private Forex investors to hit the market in more than a decade! Download the trial bot directly here: How to trade with our Grid System
Nielsen Scalper
free  20 Apr 2020
By Forexcove. The Nielsen Scalper trades the trend, making use of MA, RSI and ADX for trend strength. With a built-in Multiplication feature, it enables you to trade with our without Martingale, but always in the direction of potential trend. This version is for DEMO purposes only, and does not work on LIVE accounts. For full version, and/or further information, visit us at https://www.forexcove.com/ Sample setting for volatile periods e.g. Jan 2020 until April 2020 can be downloaded here.  
MA Crossing Renko
free  03 Mar 2020
By ForexCove. Ride the trend at the earliest moment. Combine slow MA, with a tight 1 or 5 brick Renko brick for best results. This robot is a free module from our upcoming advanced Renko trading algo, which is slated for release Q2 2020. We have found that combining a slow moving average, with small renko bricks, can generate very interesting results. As always, for any trend trading algo, go for currency pairs that historically have been most likely to trend. ****************************** JUST ANNOUNCED OUR ADAPTIVE GRID BLAZER FOREX ROBOT - INTRO OFFER  - LEARN MORE HERE ****************************** MA Crossing Renko Trading logic When Renko brick closes above MA, open buy position When Renko brick closes below MA, open sell position When fixed TP is disabled, the bot will hold position until brick closes on opposite side of MA. This free module also allows for trailing SL. Suggested settings MA: 800 - 1200 Renko size: 1 or 5 Snapshots 01 EURUSD  Snapshots 02 EURUSD                                               Be sure to visit ForexCove for free downloads and discounts on commercially available Forex Trading Algos.  
Renko Trend Trader
free  03 Mar 2020
This algo was developed by ForexCove. We would like to highlight some of the interesting opportunities in trading Renko charts, by offering this FREE download from our development team. The Renko Trend Trader trades on a Renko chart of your choice, making use of two moving averages for signal confirmation, along with an ADX filter to measure trend strength. Additionally, you can enable a multiple-trade functionality, which means that for every time a trade criteria is met, a new position is opened.  ****************************** JUST ANNOUNCED OUR ADAPTIVE GRID BLAZER FOREX ROBOT - INTRO OFFER  - LEARN MORE HERE ****************************** This can prove very profitable in strongly trending markets. It is an experimental bot, providing programmers interested in Renko trading a viable starting point.  To see our current cBot library, please click here.