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@Analysing memory leaks - step breakdown:  24 May 2023, 19:57

Case closed :)

@Ctrader make me pay 10 x swap than usually:  24 May 2023, 15:28



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There is no mismatch between the apps. Both are shown for additional info only.

@Analysing memory leaks - step breakdown:  24 May 2023, 15:15

Hi J.Lo,

Although Spotware's approach to this issue is always the same (requesting for cBot code), it has become evident that this is a cTrader core issue, which has nothing to do with any cBots, as you just proved, like many other traders did in the past. 

This issue has been reported since 2013, so don't expect it to get fixed anytime soon.

Also, don't expect any reply from Spotware after it becomes clear in your post that cBots are not the issue.

@Ctrader make me pay 10 x swap than usually:  24 May 2023, 12:14



The issue raised in this post was reflected in the trading conditions, was fixed soon after and traders were compensated.

How do you know this? As far as I can see, the screenshot on the original post does not show any trading conditions but the unrealized swaps.


What you see is what you get. So there is no issue with the platform. 

As I've shown, this is not always the case. Refer to 3., 4. and 5.


Can you provide evidence of this?

What further evidence is required, apart from the screenshot I've already provided? Do I need to prove that the value of 1 Nasdaq is ~$13.7k and not $1?

See 5.


So another case where somebody messed up with the symbol configurations.

Maybe. The main point here is that this information is not always linked, without fail, to the real trading conditions, as proven. Refer to 3. and 5.

This goes against what you have stated in 2.

Remark: The conditions shown remain and, probably, will always remain like this.


How does this support your claim that applicable conditions and the conditions shown are not always matching?

This has been explained in 3.

Trading conditions, which traders use as reference and rely on, a min. investment of $1 is clearly stated. Outcome: you get a min. investment of 1 unit on this indice, whose value is not $1 but ~$13.7k.

Clear as crystal.

@Ctrader make me pay 10 x swap than usually:  23 May 2023, 13:32

Hi Panagiotis,

To clarify:

It's okay if someone makes a mistake, that happens and it is normal.

What I would like to know is if, at the moment the wrong swaps have been applied, these have been reflected in the trading conditions or not. In other words, I'd like to know if the trading conditions shown in cTrader are, without fail, always liked to the real conditions applied or not.

No need to explain how serious the implications can be in case of a mismatch here.

Rather than qualifying pertinent/uncomfortable questions as a conspiracy, it would be great to see those clarified.

Also, don't expect me to believe that traders and brokers play on the same team.

In fact I don't think that the applicable conditions and the conditions shown are always matching. Why?

Below is an example taken some time ago for a certain broker. Lot size is in fact not $1 but 1 unit.

Am I wrong by thinking this is not a detail and it can have serious implications on any trading account? I don't think so.

Swaps: do not deserve any comments.

@Ctrader make me pay 10 x swap than usually:  23 May 2023, 10:58

How can be that a broker is able to circumvent the trading conditions as they are shown and mess with these?

Describing this simply an "issue" is an understatement as this should never be allowed by cTrader. Something that definitely must be clarified by Spotware.

Moreover, "issues" are never in favour of traders.

It is totally unacceptable that traders cannot even trust the trading conditions as they are shown.

@SUGGESTION - remove performance % restrictions for providers and add tiered fees:  15 May 2023, 16:19

Capt.Z-Fort.Builder said:

The human world is already unfair for most ordinary people, I vote NO extending the tiered system to the money world!!

Very clarifying.

Thanks for sharing!

@SUGGESTION - remove performance % restrictions for providers and add tiered fees:  15 May 2023, 16:18

ctid4575606 said:

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I voted for your post, although I am not sure how the features are selected and planned.

ncel01 said:

Hi there,

I have also suggested for this some time ago but, apparently, no one cares:


Based on the votes only, I guess.

I believe that low vote suggestions will never get off the drawing board, no matter how relevant these can be. However I am not completely sure about this.

@SUGGESTION - remove performance % restrictions for providers and add tiered fees:  13 May 2023, 00:47

Hi there,

I have also suggested for this some time ago but, apparently, no one cares:

@When will cTrader Console be re-available? It was in V4.2 but is not in 4.7.x..:  12 May 2023, 19:36

Hi heinrich,

No, they are not stored in the server but on the client PC in the environment of the cTrader application.

I see. It makes even more sense.

Anyway, the inputs defined on cTrader are somehow stored and it would be great to have an option to apply these.

However, it was said in the demo video that the final release will have the ability to pass the parameters in a file...

Yes. However, it would be great to also see the option to get these directly from cTrader.

In addition to above, I am also expecting the following:

1. The possibility to check (at a glance), on cTrader, all the cBots running from the the console, so that traders can easily keep control/track on these.

2. That console will be multi instance and that a single instance can have the ability to run multiple cBots within the same account.

3. Last but not least: I really hope that memory usage will remain stable and that it will not rise overtime.

What is bothering me much more is the fact that the cTrader console can be used for live trading ONLY - as I understand it.

I really hope not as this would be too bad to be true.

Why do you need/want to backtest strategies from the console btw?

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