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@Major Currency Strength Comparison: I get what you mean. It should be work on both major pairs and cross pairs now after this update
@Major Currency Strength Comparison: Thank you! Anyways, by 28 major pairs correlation, do you mean to be able to calculate like AUD/JYP, EUR/AUD pairs, and so on using the current format, or you mean to be able to calculate the correlations between currency pairs (-1 to +1) format?
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by Kbee
free  02 Jul 2020
01/07/2020 - Last update: fixed a bug Bill Williams Fractal Indicator is used to identify potential supports and resistances in the past prices, so the signals are very much delay and the purpose of this modification is to reduce noise from the given signals. Let me know if there's any bug. Cheers Standard N = 2 N = 5
by Kbee
free  10 Jun 2020
Last update: Added: correlation pairs & editable some interfaces  This indicator is used for checking all major currencies strength after comparing them with each other How it works: I. Sum of [(high - low) + Abs(open - close)] in the last [input peroids] II. Average them with one of these (Simple Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average or use Average True Range instead) III. Compare each of them with each other, then convert it to the percentage Let me know if there's any bug or feedback Cheers    
ATR Trailing
by Kbee
free  08 Jun 2020
I made this indicator for my cBot so, I thought maybe others will find this useful. How it works:  ATR Value * Input Multiply and instead of changing every value on each bar, it acts as a trailing with a little bit of calculation to switch it up to the top or to the bottom of the prices Cheers
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