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@rectangle:  07 Feb 2022, 16:09

Hi! What is this? Can you please write a description?  

@Measure Tool:  31 Jan 2022, 14:52

Thank you!

@Pattern Drawing:  02 Apr 2021, 15:12

This is a fantastic tool! Can you possibly add one more function that for some strange reason cTrader has not been able to implement yet? Calculate the percentage (positive or negative) when drawing a line between price levels. Thank you so much!!  

@Syncronized Crosshair:  02 Apr 2021, 15:01

Can you please include a percentage calculation when clicked? Can you also update it so it works with Ver 4 ?

@Syncronized Crosshair:  02 Apr 2021, 14:57

Can you please include a percentage calculation when clicked?

@convergence indicator (EMA,Ichimoku,etc):  15 Dec 2020, 12:42

Hello Xavier, Thank you for offering your indicator to our community. Is there an easy way for you to modify the existing code to show the actual numeric values inside the color boxes instead of the word bull/bear?

@RSI_STOCH_together:  13 Dec 2020, 22:14

Thank you! Can't wait for the next version. Keep up the great work.  

@ZigZag Linear Regression Channels:  08 Nov 2020, 14:14

Hello, Thank you for sharing this indicator, but I cannot change the color of the lines and so it does not show up in a dark background. Would it be possible for you to add this option on your next update please? Thank you

@cTrader Moving Average Colors:  08 Nov 2020, 12:01

Thank you for putting in time and effort and allowing us to use this indicator for free. Can you possibly fix the problem with the Flat portion not showing on your next updated version please? The Bullish & Bearish colors are showing up, but the Flat portion that joins the red & green colors is not showing. I'm sure you have seen this issue. MA Colors (Gray area not showing) Thank you

@Position Pips Counter:  27 Oct 2020, 09:33

Simple and effective. Thank you!

Last Forum Posts

@Eliminate market participants:  09 Nov 2022, 12:13

1) Right click on your chart
2) Select Viewing Options from the drop down menu
3) Then uncheck Market Sentiment.

You're done!


No go... Have you do it ?

Good day!
Yes I have done it and it works.

Please look at the center image below.

The first image has the sentiment indicator enabled.

Now I will deactivate the indicator following the steps I outlined in my original reply.

1) Right click on an empty spot on the chart that you want to disable the sentiment indicator...

A menu will pop-up like so....

From the menu select Viewing Options

Once you select Viewing Options another menu will be displayed and on the bottom there is a checked selection for Market Sentiment

Uncheck that (this will hide the Sentiment indicator ONLY ON THIS CHART)

OK So now you will notice that the sentiment indicator is no longer shown on this specific chart...

I hope this helped

Have a great day!

@Eliminate market participants:  07 Nov 2022, 00:53

Moongirl said:

Eliminate market participants


How do I turn off the market participants under the buy sell button in the order window ?

It disturbs enormously ! All Psyche !!!



1) Right click on your chart
2) Select Viewing Options from the drop down menu
3) Then uncheck Market Sentiment.

You're done!


@Volume Profile indicator:  07 Nov 2022, 00:47

Nickk said:

ctid1934331 said:

Two years later, and still no answer....

Well, there are already a lot of great working volume profile indicators made for cTrader. I totally get it in this case that Spotware has priorities on other things.

1) Nickk allow me to disagree with your statement.
There aren't ANY "great working volume profile indicators". That is not a true statement.
And of course we are not talking about the ones charging $20/month!
The ones that are free are buggy and not ready for prime time.
I'm obviously grateful towards all the individuals that have been developing / converting indicators and cbots, because they have been devoting their time and are putting in a lot of effort without charging a single dime to help our trading community, And yes, many of the indicators that have been converted for cTrader, perform quite good. 

2) IMHO Spotware's priorities should be the needs of their clients/users. Yes we are seeing updates once in a while but not frequent enough.

3) I have asked for a simple percentage indicator for over two years and no one from their software development team has listened. 

4) Same issue with a footprint - order flow chart indicator that is able to combine volume profile.

These are must have trading tools that are not part of the cTrader platform, but the competition does offer them.

@Footprint charts:  04 Nov 2022, 20:31

There's a great implementation of what you have described here:

Footprint Chart

but unfortunately it's not for our platform. I hope cTrader's developers can implement this soon.

@Volume Profile indicator:  30 Oct 2022, 22:02

Two years later, and still no answer....

@Percent Measuring Tool:  02 Feb 2022, 10:33

I've been suggesting a measuring tool (preferably integrated with the existing crosshair tool) that can measure price action in terms of percent.
I've asked for 2 years, but nothing has been done.

How hard could this be???

Thank you

@Integrate with crypto exchanges:  11 Nov 2021, 18:25

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Ηι drayzen,

cTrader is a platform for CFD contracts which is a different market in many ways than exchanges. We already have an exchange product called cExchange which has a similar interface to cTrader and it is targeted to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Best Regards,


Which crypto exchanges use cExchange ?

@Percentage of price:  30 Jul 2021, 22:40

Ability to show percentage of price.

Show percentage when using measurement tool

When using the measurement tool, you can see the pips, periods, price and time and date. It would be a good idea to also have a percentage value.

@Show percentage of price on crosshair while draging:  18 Apr 2021, 21:36

On your next update, can you please include a function to show on a chart the percentage of price when using the crosshair?

Right now the crosshair only shows PIPS, PERIOD & PRICE.

Thank you

@Global Crosshair or Synchronize Crosshair between Charts:  02 Apr 2021, 14:56

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Dear all,

You might find this indicator helpful.

Best Regards,


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