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    Name:Obi Celestine
    Member since: 25 Oct 2012


    Celestine Obi is an experienced algorithmic trader,programmer and trading strategy developer. IICor915 Skype: Obi.Uche Email: ucheceleste@gmail.com Twitter: UcheCobi. Freelancer: Obi U.



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    @Stable: Contact me for a profit sharing arrangement if you can't afford the cbot.
    @Geppy-Pro: You can now download the cbot from the link on the page.Do read the FAQ section for some useful information.
    @Geppy-Pro: Test version will be available for download within a few days.
    @Stable: @rcc25 Thanks so much.
    @Stable: Clents can request for the algorithm;they deserve the best.
    @Gold Winner: @Harry Sty The screenshot of my history trades is to show that gold can be traded profitably.I know my approach is wrong but I am not keen on new clients as I trade for a living and am successful at it.
    @Gold Winner: @markae I have trading accounts to prove my point and have willingly shown one.Besides,I have given out demo versions in the past,who is fooling who? Your financial destiny is not in my hands,I only build tools for trading. Again,I did not post this here for everyone and will not share my best algorithms on this site.
    @Gold Winner: My email is ucheceleste@gmail.com. Please send your questions to my email for prompt answers. Regards
    @Gold Winner: @anton.mer65 This post is not for everyone,will soon remove it.
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    free  11 Jan 2018
    This indicator will help you find support and resistance levels,increase the number of confirmations for stronger levels.
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