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@+1042% SuperWAE Waddah Attar Explosion:  29 Oct 2020, 22:15

al momento de ejecutar da un error o blucle, siempre pide instalar actualizacion se, instala y luego pide nuevamente instalar la misma actualizacion. no sirve. 

@Simple Trading Panel:  24 Apr 2020, 22:15

  you can configure one that has an option to indicate a trailing stop???

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@Indicator Alarm:  15 Jul 2020, 19:33

Dear Ctrader team, I suggest incorporating an alarm section of the indicators as for example tradingview, with this you can be aware when the indicators are at exact entry points such as RSI or STOCH Please analyze if possible, they tell me.

@Filter by date range in Ctrader Mobile:  14 Jul 2020, 16:13

Filter by date range in Ctrader Mobile history urgently needed


se necesita urgente un filtro por rango de fecha en el historial de Ctrader Mobile 

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