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    @Waddah Attar with Alert: You have done very very well Indeed. Can't thank you enough
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    paid  16 Aug 2020
    This Robot is a comprehensive system of SMA and RSI strategies which combine beautifully to produce trades of great quality. When certain conditions are met, trades are opened based on those conditions and these trades are usually of short duration. Number of positions opened at a time can be set to whatever you want. SMA has adjustable parameters for the slow and fast SMA and you can set it according to the instrument you decide to trade. RSI Period is currently set at 2 and i advise it should be left that way. This Bot has adaptive features regarding take profit and stop loss levels, take profits and stop loss are not fixed and it will set according to price action.   Currently, I have taken time out to optimize the bot for GBPAUD on the 5Min TF and the results will speak for itself. Contact me if you would the full version of the bot and also the settings for the GBPAUD pair. Contacts: Ask me any questions: email: Telegram:    
    paid  05 Jul 2020
    This bot instantly copies your market order trades from MT4 along with your set take profit and your stop losses. It also has the ability to copy to multiple cTrader clients. it is strictly a local trade copier meaning it will only work on the same computer so you will have your MT4 and cTrader installed on the same computer. It is also has the ability to translate whatever symbol suffix you have in your MT4. I will also do installation for you.   Contacts: Ask me any questions: email: Telegram: