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@Time_Open_RENKO:  26 Apr 2022, 13:21

makegoalken -  Este é um ótimo recurso que você está fornecendo e o distribui gratuitamente. Adoro ver blogs que entendem o valor de fornecer um recurso de qualidade gratuitamente 3 Thank you very much for the feedback

@Renko on Time/Tick/Range Chart:  23 Apr 2022, 21:38

Hi, Thanks for the Contribution! But I'm having problems, no error appears when compiling the code, but it doesn't show anything in the graph, what could it be?

@Lines Trader:  21 Apr 2022, 04:00

it is possible to replace the line by mouse click from point 1 and point 2, replace with the last 2 sell hammers or the last 2 buy hammers, from renko?   and where do i need to change to plot these auto lines?   Thanks!!
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free  22 Apr 2022
As we all know, Renko is a type of chart used in the financial market to indicate price variations disregarding TIME and trading volume, however there is an OPENING TIME for each RENKO BOX, in relation to the previous BOX, it has a time variation of opening, between one and the other, which may vary in thousands of seconds, or even seconds, minutes, hours, depending on the size of the RENKO used, so this indicator shows the OPENING TIME difference in relation to the previous BOX, where it paints the box when the CURRENT BOX has the LOWER time in relation to the previous BOX.  Default is receiving the value of minutes, being able to change in the code, to other times like seconds, hours, etc. 
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