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@Refresh current chart:  23 Jul 2021, 10:04

When pressing the 'Refresh' button all the charts will be refreshed although sometimes we need only one to be refreshed. Since some charts takes a long time to load i suggest to add a 'refresh current chart' (or something similiar) which will refresh only the selected chart and not all of them,


@Special warning when exiting the app while running cBots:  22 Jul 2021, 11:25

When trying to exit the app and it asks if I am sure I want to exit, if the app is running cBots at that time it should give a special warning, perhaps in a red color that there are cBots currently running


@identify that the user place a ChartTrendLine on the chart:  22 Jul 2021, 09:06

Is there an event or any other way to identify that the user place a ChartTrendLine on the chart?


@opened to maximized size:  15 Jul 2021, 10:37

I have tried to reinstall the app and connecting the computer to another screen but it does not help


@opened to maximized size:  14 Jul 2021, 17:21

@opened to maximized size:  14 Jul 2021, 14:51

I don't have a restore option. I am using windows 10

@opened to maximized size:  13 Jul 2021, 11:43

As can be seen the cTrader is taking space of the entire screen and there's no way to change its size. The only option is to use alt+tab, but in this case when going back to cTrader it will go back for full screen

@opened to maximized size:  13 Jul 2021, 09:23

I have a computer with a small screen with cTrader from 2 different brokers. One broker's cTrader is working fine. However the second one, when I open it, is being opened to maximized size, and since the screen is small I cannot change the app's size or minimize or move it (the buttons on the top right corner such as close, minimize etc, do not show). How can I fix this?


@error on LoadBars:  06 Jul 2021, 10:00

While calling the LoadBars method on Pepperstone broker i got the following error:

String: System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.
   at cTrader.Automate.Small.V1.Threading.DirectInvokingStrategy.Invoke(Message message)
   at cTrader.Automate.Small.V1.MessageDispatcher.SendMessageWithResponse[TRequestMessage,TResponseMessage](TRequestMessage requestMessage, Func`2 predicate)
   at cTrader.Automate.Small.V1.MarketApi.SmallChartSourceController.LoadHistory(String symbolName, TimeFrame timeFrame)
   at cAlgo.Robots.Main.LoadBars() in c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Robots\Main\Main\Main.cs:line 1112

@prevent creation of algo files?:  04 Jul 2021, 12:07

Is there a way to prevent creation of algo files?


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