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@Every bot has own thread:  24 May 2022, 10:36

amusleh said:


Yes, every bot/indicator runs on their own threads.

In version 4.2 every instance of bots/indicators run on their separate process not just thread.

Thanks for your support, amusleh! 

@Every bot has own thread:  24 May 2022, 09:33

Hello Buddies! 

I understand correctly? Each bot executes in separate thread from others. 

@Global script doesn't bound to symbol:  13 May 2022, 12:09

seems i know how to doing it, in method onStart just  run server if port hasn't listen

@Global script doesn't bound to symbol:  13 May 2022, 11:59

amusleh said:


I didn't understand exactly what you are looking for, but you can develop a cBot/indicator that will run upon cTrader desktop launch.

There is an option on cTrader automate that will auto restart your cBot when cTrader launched.

i want to run up server which could to gets commands of trading from external program by json or xml protocols and call ExecuteMarketOrder

@Global script doesn't bound to symbol:  13 May 2022, 11:20

Hello buddies!
i have one question, can i write any script which would to run with start up of terminal and which has access to API(cAlgo)?

I mean that bots and indicators related to trade symbol.

@Using F# for develop bots and indicators:  22 May 2020, 22:51

ClickAlgo said:

  • You can add references to the cTrader assemblies in your custom assembly.
  • You can pass the robot or indicator objects from the cTrader base class to your custom assemblies.
  • You can capture cTrader cBot events in your custom assembly by subscribing to them.
  • You can use any .NET language in your custom assembly
  • You can use any .NET framework in your custom assembly.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for you full reply, that is crystal for me!

@Using F# for develop bots and indicators:  22 May 2020, 19:53

ClickAlgo said:

You can create an assemble written in F# and reference this.

Ok, i'll ask more correctly. If i create dll, for some bot or indicator can i calling functions from API as is:

using cAlgo.API;
using cAlgo.API.Indicators;
using cAlgo.API.Internals;

directly in my dll?

@Using F# for develop bots and indicators:  22 May 2020, 17:23

If i can use VisualStudio for develop trading tools, can i adding support of F sharp language. In searches can not find mentions about extension from C# to F# in context of cAlgo.

And i can see that bots and indicators can include references from external dll, calling functions from those dlls, can i using cAlgo API in my Dll code for takes trade information, accept orders etc.? 

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