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@Chartshot error:  07 Mar 2022, 16:21

bugazzza said:

 I'm getting error when I'm trying to do a chartshot.

Same here, just came on to post about it too. Internet fine, can enter and exit positions fine too. Also worth noting that it doesn't even save the chart shots locally....

@IOS Notifications:  18 Feb 2022, 03:07

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi darekbok0,

There is a known issue with iOS notifications. It will be fixed soon.

Best Regards,


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Any idea when? It’s been like it for weeks now ????


@Allow us to set Quick Trade 'order type settings' specific to symbols/products!!:  08 Feb 2022, 15:18

Giving this a bump as getting so frustrating and missing out on opportunities because of this. Also another post has been created since requesting the same thing.

Is this something that can be looked at please? Even if we can set quick trade settings linked to a template would be okay! Any which way, how, I don't care. But to only have one setting covering so many different products just does not work!

Please! Thank you

@Allow for more time frame buttons at the top of screen!:  13 Jan 2022, 16:30

There's so much free space to the right of the 10 quick access timeframe buttons... Can this not be extended to the right to allow for more!? Would be nice!

@Allow us to set Quick Trade 'order type settings' specific to symbols/products!!:  10 Jan 2022, 16:19

I mostly trade currencies, and have my order type settings set; ie auto stop / TP distance and market range, but I have recently been trading gold more often. My default stop and TP profit target of 10/20 pips respectively mean that when opening a trade at market using the quick trade feature on gold, the stop stop and TP are right on top of the price, as essentially to get the same result as I do on currencies, I'd need to set these parameters to 100 and 200 on gold obviously. 

Also, because I have my market range settings set to 2 pips for when trading currencies, on gold, SO OFTEN, I will try to either double or reverse a trade and have my order rejected due to the order not being able to be filled at a price within those set parameters. 

I do know that you can set these settings per workspace, but I have cBots running which means you cannot easily switch between work spaces without first stopping the cBots.

So, please is it possible to add these settings to the symbol window or something? ..because to be honest, with so many different products which operate in a different way, there is not a "one size fits all" setting, especially for scalpers.

Thank you!

@THE SPREAD IS DAMAGE:  19 Jul 2021, 14:58

andres.gomez1013 said:

Ok ok ok, thnaks, next comment pls....

Yes please, I’d like to see someone else comment and confirm that you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re so rude it’s unbelievable! I’ve been trading since 2001. You’re wrong. And maybe, just maybe if you let your ridiculous ego go for a second and took others’ experience and advice on board, you’d learn. But with your attitude, you’ll never make it. Ego and the markets don’t mix. Adiós, twat. 

@THE SPREAD IS DAMAGE:  19 Jul 2021, 14:50

andres.gomez1013 said:

How frustaded you could be to send hate in a trading forum? well... i guess that we have the best example here with this guy. if your life is not so well and maybe you lose a lot of money in this world sorry for you mate, but stop writing here your opinion is not what im looking for and i feel that is not relevant. bye

I wasn’t sending hate, I was trying to HELP YOU. For nothing! And it is VERY relevant! As I said…. Lack of knowledge is your issue. But you just couldn’t accept that. Learn about pips. Learn about the bid / ask and what price triggers certain orders. And good luck with your trading. You need it. 

@THE SPREAD IS DAMAGE:  19 Jul 2021, 14:37

andres.gomez1013 said:

Lak of knowledge you said, look the graphic is H1 the price was in 1.08209 and the spread opens the order in 1.08405 and you said that is 10pips? LOL you are the person that have lack of knowledge, get out of here if you are not going to comment something useful and more when you dont know anything about .it

1.08209 - 1.08405 is 19.6 pips mate. 19.6 pips! Not “200” like you said in the beginning. And I said 10 pips because in your last reply, you said 100 pips. 

And if you knew what you were doing, you’d 1) know that, and 2) wouldn’t be on here asking embarrassing questions saying “the spread is damage”

It’s you that’s damaged. Not the spread. Saying “price didn’t get to there” hahahaha. As I said… lack of knowledge on the bid / ask!

But anyway.. I gave my time to help and did offer something useful. You’re just too ignorant to consider the fact that the problem is down to your lack of knowledge. I was very respectful when I said the issue was down to you to try to help you and stop you from losing more money. But seeing as you want to be a rude idiot, crack on as you are!! “200 pips” L O L 

@THE SPREAD IS DAMAGE:  19 Jul 2021, 14:09

andres.gomez1013 said:

I placed an order overnight but i didnt expected this kind of issue, do you know if CTRADER have a support that can chekc this issue and return money or at least review what happened? We are talking about a spread of more than 100 pips that not fare at all and need to be fix.

That’s not 100 pips, that’s 10 pips mate. And during news events / at certain low volume times, the spread could easily widen to that. But u need to speak with your broker. Nothing to do with cTrader. But to be honest, with respect, it’s happened down to a lack of knowledge from yourself and how spreads work and how the bid / ask trigger orders rather than an issue with your broker or the cTrader software. 

@Unable to open cTrader app on Windows 10 at all!:  15 Jul 2021, 16:27

intraflay said:

As per the title - can not open cTrader (downloaded through IC Markets) today whatsoever.

I have never had this issue in the last 18 months. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but still no joy. I have also done a full virus check of my system. 

There was a windows 10 update I installed last night, which I will list the details of below.

Any idea what is going on here please? Super frustrating!

FYI I do have an MetaTrader account with IC Market also, which I can open and is running absolutely fine - so it's definitely a cTrader related issue as opposed to an issue solely with IC Markets.


Please help! Thanks

An update on this for the tech dept…. It was the above windows 10 update which was causing the problem. On uninstalling the update, it opens and works as it should. 

Maybe something to be aware of! 

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