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@Dragon Gold EA 600% 1 year: more money,more save  
@Dragon money forex: could you show me an example?  
@Scalping bot with profit 400% per year: I use full FullAccess just to show message box and save license when I need. 
@1000%/year BOLLINGER BANDS EUR-USD H8: I removed Proversion on GUMROAD and add it here. You can download it for free, if you like it  you can Donate via Paypal
@1000%/year BOLLINGER BANDS EUR-USD H8: Hi trading.ternet , I've just fixed it, Thank you.
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paid  24 Sep 2020
 Forex Trading Sessions Indicator, When I'm trading I realized that the price use pivot or strongly change at time that change trading session. Ex New York open, London Open. Show I have coded an indicator for that purpose. Buy this at  Forex Trading Sessions Indicator   Parameters  
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paid  03 May 2021
Dragon GOLD EA, use trade gold with good profit, minimum balance is 3000$ with lot 0.01, on M5 bar with gold pair like XAUUSD,... To download the demo Version  free for demo account and back test please visit: To download the PRO Version please visit: For full source code    
Dragon money forex
paid  03 May 2021
his production version of dragon money forex . This bot help you run with profit, with 1000$ just run with volume 0.01, on M1 bar with money pair like GPBUSD, EURUSD for demo account or backtest demo free for demo account and backtest ​ Dragon money forex demo ​ Pro : ​ Dragon money forex pro Pro  with source code : Dragon money forex pro with source code    
paid  27 May 2021
Scalping bot with profit 400% per year. Demo Version free for demo account or backtest: Pro Version: Pro Version with source code: Contact me at :  Email: Telegram: +84 969228100     Parameters: Lots: Lot size to trade AutoLot: bot automatic calculate lot size TakeProfitPip: Take profit by pips UseEquityStop: Bot auto close all position if Equity draw down TotalEquityRisk % TotalEquityRisk: max Equity draw down by % PipStep: Max pip lost, if reach it the volume will change LotExponent: the volume change after reach PipStep
free  11 Dec 2020
This bot use Bollinger bands to trade, After many time backtest I have  good parameters to take profit on this trading system. The following show the result on Free Version And Pro version (Now pro version is free and and post on these now) Donation via Paypal Email: Facebook: Telegram: +84 969228100 Free version: Parameter: -Source, BandPeriods,Std,MAType: Is Bollinger Bands parameters, -Initial Volume Percent: % money you trade (default 1% balance) -Stop Loss: Stop Loss on Pip -Take Profit: Take Profit by Pip  
free  21 Aug 2020
This bot use Relative Strength Index (RSI) to Trade.    
free  20 Aug 2020
This Cbot use STOCHASTIC indicator to Trade.
free  19 Aug 2020
1.Buy order if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is below the candlestick. 2. A Sell order will be created if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is above the candlestick.   3. If SAR change position  from below to above or vice versa Close position      
free  17 Aug 2020
This Bot buy when current price larger than the highest price of last candle. Use only for Gold. Money Pairs I will code later.  If you like my work and effort then please consider to make a donation via Paypal Email: Facebook: Telegram: +84 969228100 Here is back test result on D2 candle 1. Param 2. Chart   
MACD cross over Free
free  17 Aug 2020
This bot use MACD Cross Over 1. Signal-line crossover 2. Zero crossover  
free  13 Aug 2020
The Trading System uses Bollinger Bands. It will Buy Or Sell if the Bar close price upper or lower than Bollinger Bands. PS: I changed source to use percent volume and use optimize, bellow is result