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@Backtesting with data from CSV file:  09 Jan 2022, 14:21

Hi Spotware,

I would like to backtest a swing trading strategy using Daily Close Price. And the problem is I do not have 1-minute data csv file, I only have daily data. Can I backtest the strategy using this daily csv file?

@Change label or comment when modifying a positions:  15 Dec 2021, 15:50

I think this is a simple request and can be done in 1-2 days working. This will definitely help manual traders trade better. 

@How to export Results or each Parameter pass?:  14 Nov 2020, 14:20


I wanna export to Excel the results of each parameter pass after optimization; not the historical trades of a specific pass; but the stats of each parameter (total win-lose trades, Profit factor, Net profit, max drawdown, etc. ). How do I do it?

Thank you. :) 



@Optimise should save all result to a file.:  13 Nov 2020, 23:41

I hope that there is an option to right click, save to excel the pass and their corresponding parameters and test results. Would be awesome if we have that.

@Change comments:  15 Jul 2020, 22:33


Why we cant change a comment after an order is created? i believe if there is a comment box, then changing the comment after a position or order is created makes sense a lot?


@Fix color:  14 Jul 2020, 16:55

Hi cTrader team,

Please fix color for winning deal on cTrader web. For now it only shows losing deal (red by default) not winning deal (transparent for now and cant be changed). 

edit: it shows both winning and losing deals that were long time ago, not the newest winning deals


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