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@Simple Trading Panel:  19 Sep 2020, 21:05

is dont work form i am trying test my strategies on back test and is don't buy or sell when I press is don't work for me 

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@i start getting error after update:  09 Sep 2022, 21:25

start getting this error after an update I never had before this error 

@BUG ON SPOTWERE:  28 Jun 2022, 13:22

Like you see in optimizer i put take profits min and max ,min 50 max 300 and in results like you see gave 42 less then 50 this happens on a lots of pairs 

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Dear matthewgrayiveta,

Thanks for posting your issue. Can you please share exact steps to reproduce this behavior? We need

  1. cBot code
  2. Optimization parameters
  3. Optimization dates

Best Regards,


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@BUG ON SPOTWERE:  27 Jun 2022, 21:16

bug is on spotwere  optimizer i put min and max and in results gives random number's this was happened before and then it was fixed but after update happening again so i put take profit  min 50 max 300 and gives results like 2 or les then 50

@BUG ON CTRADER TEST ROBOT:  12 Jun 2022, 16:19

i think so is fixed this problem. i will test more and i will update 

@BUG ON CTRADER TEST ROBOT:  11 Jun 2022, 20:02

is a bug on ctrader is in settings break-even min 50 pips and max 100 pips and when I run a test like you see it gave me less than 50pips it 10.9 like you see in pictures and this doing on a lot pairs and is doing with other settings to like (trailing stop)

@spotwere crashes on test robot:  24 May 2022, 21:44

amusleh said:


Can you provide a sample cBot that can reproduce this issue? not the one that you use just a sample.

hi can you send me your email i would send my robot to your email 

@on test robot be button restart test and pause:  28 Apr 2022, 15:33

at the moment when you test your bot you just have option stop  test 

if going not your way need add button restart and  pause or terminate

because when i test and when i i press stop button i will get error and after this i cant do anything i need that restart or terminate that trade 

and i have multi run trades in one test 

now is only stop 

 we need pause restart 

and when i press stop i will get error

@spotwere crashes on test robot:  16 Apr 2022, 02:21

SORRY i cant share code

but suggestion be what terminate that errors and resume next trade because if comes this error dont come next trade i have to manually up CPU button and then will next trade test be execute 

 maybe would be restart that error trade because is just now button to stop maybe be button restart that trade or pause that trade 

i will try get that code 


@spotwere crashes on test robot:  14 Apr 2022, 22:56

I didnt  have before any trouble with test my robot when i update spotwere i start have this problem is not my robot is spotwere update problem 

@spotwere crashes on test robot:  12 Apr 2022, 14:07

i get this error all the time as you see in the picture after a couple of hours run the bot how to fix this and after this errors my  bot stops moving forward it would not open new positions on the test looks like stuck 

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