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@Braid Filter:  19 Jun 2021, 21:32

Dear kaneida84 - I would like to say thank you for your indicator - cheers 

@TDFI - Trend Direction Force Index:  08 Apr 2021, 20:41

where do you struggle? download both and than go to the TDFI and click "Manage References" on the top and find the second indicator, mark it and click "apply" and you are done

@Rex Oscillator for NNFX with cTrader:  16 Dec 2020, 19:49

Hey duketv, I know the website and don't use REX as C1 in my cTrader NNFX system...

@Daily Custom Indi From CSV v1:  11 Oct 2020, 10:06

great work

@NNFX infos on chart - NEW VERSION:  05 Oct 2020, 21:34

thank you for using and reporting - you can uncheck that referenced indicator (DOSC NNFX) under the tab "Manage References" in cTrader. In the next version I will correct it in the source...

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@LOG is not showing values:  31 Aug 2021, 09:28

Björn, if I get your problem right, you can't see all values, only the first few ones. But the highlighted section shows all values, right? It seems that you have unintenically shortetd the message field, as shown on your screenshoot. Go to the dotted line right next to "message", click and drag the line to the right. More values will be visible. Regards,

@converting an indicator from another platform:  09 Mar 2021, 11:52

Thank you Panagiotis,

I have done so with success and, as promised, I have published the TDFI indicator,new for cTrader - but wellknown on other platforms. I would be very happy if you have the time, take a look and let me know if and how I can improve it for me and the cTrader community. Kindest regards,

@converting an indicator from another platform:  08 Mar 2021, 14:58

Dear Panagiotis,

thank you very much for all your former support!

I want to convert and publish an indicator from TradingView to cTrader, and have the following stements there:

price = input(close, "Period") and 

mma = ma(mmaMode, price * 1000, mmaLength)

Now my question: How do I convert this to c# for cTrader?

I can use Bars.ClosePrice as source, but I don't  the part with "price * 1000"

Can I ask you to point me in the right direction,

Kindest regards,

@access the values of Indicators.Fractals:  01 Mar 2021, 17:48

Panagiotis, thank you for taking care!

The code does nothing and was only meent to give me access and an understanding for the function.

What I want to do:

if the last fractal was above (signaling a down trend) I want to take only short trades.

if it was below only long trades.

I would like to use fractals as a kind of filter to prevent unwanted trade direction like here in this picture:

the fractal at the left should prevent me from taking the circeled long trade...

@access the values of Indicators.Fractals:  01 Mar 2021, 14:40

Thank you, Panagiotis!

I have never before worked with NaN and it seems I cant get it to work:

if (double.IsNaN(_fractals.UpFractal.LastValue))
                    Print("Down: " + _fractals.DownFractal.LastValue);

                if (double.IsNaN(_fractals.DownFractal.LastValue))
                    Print("Down: " + _fractals.DownFractal.LastValue);

Can you point me in the right direction, please...?

Kindest regards,

@access the values of Indicators.Fractals:  01 Mar 2021, 12:37

Dear Panagiotis,

how can I access the values of the buildin indicator Indicators.Fractals and how can I make decisions based on was the last fractal an up or down fractal - like:

if the last printed fractal on chart was an downfractal -> only short trades are allowed?

Is there any documentation or hints you would like to give me?

Kindest regards,

@trading to a specific time:  01 Mar 2021, 12:34

Thank you very much, Panagiotis!

So EST changes automaticlly to EDT second Sunday in March and back at the beginning of November? No need to adjust the timeshift by me and code?

Best regards,

@trading to a specific time:  25 Feb 2021, 15:07

Dear Panagiotis,

I would like to trade 10 min before NY close, independ if it is EST or EDT in New York.

I have set timezone to EasternStandard and tradetime to 4:50 pm. That works great - and it adjustes automaiclly to EDT at the beginning of March and back in November.

My question is:

Have I choosen the right way to achive the trading 10 min before NY close or is there a way you would like to recommend, which take normal / wintertime and summer / daylightsavingtime into account?

Kindest regards,

@how to check if an async order is still executing:  25 Feb 2021, 15:01

Thank you very much, Panagiotis - I think I have found a way to prevent multiple execution due to the speed of the ...async functionality. 

@how to check if an async order is still executing:  24 Feb 2021, 10:51

Dear Panagiotis,

yes thank you very much, I have done so and I get the correct messages, if an operation is ended successful or with an error. Works like a charm!

But I`m adressing the meantime, BEFORE the callback comes back with a result. I need to know if an operation is ongoing to decide, if another trade is initiatetd.

Best regards,

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by xabbu
free  09 Mar 2021
the TDFI Trend indicator, which has a similar name as the TDI (Traders Dynamic Index) is a completly different indicator. To learn more about it, there is a lot of material online for other platforms, but until now the TDFI indicator was not available for cTrader. I would be happy if this indicator is helpful for your trading journey and if it ends up being part of your NNFX algorithm. In order to make this indicator work properly, you have to download and reference this one also ( Reference for TDFI Indicator | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader... )
Reference for TDFI
by xabbu
free  09 Mar 2021
this indicator is needed to perform the TDFI correctly. I would have been lucky to build the TDFI without that reference indicator, but I was not able to achive (and thanks to Panagiotis, you pointed me is this direction). This indicator multiplies the Close Proce by 1000, and this is needed as input for the TDFI, which I will publish very soon. Without the TDFI, this indicator is nearly useless...
by xabbu
free  07 Oct 2020
this is the bugfixed version 3 (reference to DOSC removed) of the No Nonsense Forex Infos on chart for cTrader. Thanks for reporting this little nasty misbehaviour! In the meantime, my   NNFX (manual) Strategy Tester for cTrader is developing, see the screenshots. But I'm struggeling with the implemantion of the $EVZ function to adjust the risk and trading based on the value of the EVZ value.                    
by xabbu
free  20 Sep 2020
cTrader NNFX Infos on chart - new and enhanced version - cheers to VP (Patrick Victor) the creator of No Nonsense Forex screenshot of NNFX infos on chart V.2  
by xabbu
free  14 Sep 2020
in case you need a rex indicator for your NNFX strategy with cTrader, and you want one with source code available, I have good news for you... ;-)   The Rex indicator / oscillator (or oscilator) lays a moving average over the True Value of a Bar (TVB).   Play around with it, give feedback, make additions and share your enhancements to the community...  
NNFX Infos on chart
by xabbu
free  14 Sep 2020
if you don't know anything about the NNFX way to trade, this is definitly not your download - but maybe after searching for no nonsense forex on youtube and finding his website...  this is my first try to code something might be useful for others - an info on the chart area which calculates and displays the following: ATR in pips, which is also the take profit level (TP) for the first half of the trade - stoploss in pips (SL) - pipvalue (PV) with the tradevalue (TV) and your actual risk amount. It would be great to get constructive feedback via this platform here or ctraderNNFX (at) gmail and, maybe, form an NNFX group for cTrader somewhere. Thanks and cheers to VP and: go - GET it!  In the moment I'm working on a NNFX MANUAL STRATEGY TESTER to help backtest the algorithm (or parts of it). So I have little to no knowledge of coding C# or any other programming language, together with the difficulties to understand the cTrader API programming interface, and to figure out BASELINE, C1, C2, EXIT and VOLUME indicators it's a bumpy road and I would be very happy to get in discussion with NNFX people on the cTrader way...  a little teaser for my ideas on backtesting the NNFX logic with cTraders backtesting functions: what do I have so far? + create buy or sell order with a mouseclick + splitting the order in two parts, both with SL, only one with TP + close an order with a mouseclick  + risk % adjustable between 2% and 0.25% with a click + orders a created automaticlly with the correct TP ans SL based on the ATR formula from VP + correct trading volume based on risk% and account balance + adjusting the SL to breakeven + taking care of the trailing stops based on the NNFX way of trading + automated slowdown of the backtesting engine when it's time to trade ... cheers to VP from no nonsense forex                     
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