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@TopGrid V1:  23 Feb 2021, 11:02

Ciao Mario, per il Nasdaq non ho esperienza, ho studiato molto il Forex e nello specifico solo 3 monete ma provo a fare qualche prova. Per i contratti io credo che sia dovuto al tuo Broker, presumo che sia buona idea chiedere al Broker di fiducia questi dettagli, ma non so risponderti in modo piu' dettagliato. Buona giornata.

@Fast bot EMA58:  06 Sep 2020, 11:30

I have tested the robot in EURUSD M1 and it works well, certainly above the average of the robots that are available. If in the future you have paid robots, keep us updated and I would gladly evaluate them. Simple and effective, I'm a fan of moving averages. Tomorrow I will text it in Live, thanks for your work. Greetings from Denmark.

@Spread Monitor:  08 Aug 2020, 16:51


@TopGrid V1:  07 Aug 2020, 15:53

Before opening positions maybe you have to try and study how it works, this is a robot, not a social worker. It's math. The system works well, to understand if it is ok I keep it in test for at least 1 week for the configuration and then it must always be checked. The market changes often and you are the driver of the ship. You have to do the backtesting, the optimization is a process that requires a lot of work and you must have knowledge of what you do. [ITA] Il Robot gestisce tutte le posizioni aperte sempre, e' un robot, ma tu devi controllare spesso se tutto funziona correttamente, e' un robot che esegue i tuoi ordini in modo preciso. Le condizioni di mercato cambiano spesso e tu devi essere pronto a cambiare o mettere in stop lo strumento di lavoro o ricalcolare alcuni parametri strada facendo. Questo semplice algoritmo funziona bene e regolare, buona fortuna.

@TopGrid V1:  06 Aug 2020, 21:47

Now i have this in demo from 1 week this and work very well. I check. Which instrument? Forex? Commodity? This config is only for EURUSD, try other lots quantity.

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@No parameters defined:  21 Nov 2020, 20:08

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi Mattia,

Unfortunately it is not clear to us how to reporduce this behavior. Can you please outline the exact steps we need to follow to reproduce it?

Best Regards,


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I am writing this only to notify what I have done about the problem, in case other users need it.

I reinstalled the operating system in the VPS server and I used Windows Server 2012 R2, of which I have the license and is registered, now cTrade works regularly.
I don't know and don't have the knowledge to figure out if the problem was the operating system or other things.

I don't know if this action is decisive for the solution of this problem, I repeat saying that even before it worked, but sometimes it gave this problem.

If I have other developments of this problem I update the post.

Thanks for your help.


@No parameters defined:  16 Nov 2020, 16:37

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi Mattia,

Unfortunately it is not clear to us how to reporduce this behavior. Can you please outline the exact steps we need to follow to reproduce it?

Best Regards,


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VPS Windows Server 2016 (Updated)
cTrader 3.8 (Updated)

The problem occurs in connection with a server reboot and settles after a few days in connection with a system reboot, but only after a few days. I don't know why, yesterday I rebooted 3 times with no positive results.

I tried to read something on the internet, checking the server system logs, in the past I worked in the IT sector and I can verify some basic operations in a server environment.
The only error I have from Server Manager> Local Server> Events is "Error Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP Application" but this is active and configured correctly.

For technical honesty I must say that this version of Windows server 2016 is not activated, because I am trying it.
I can downgrade.
But if it were for this I should always have the problem, not only occasionally.

I hope I have described the event situation as well as possible, in case, if you need more details I remain available to provide help for technical problems related to the cTrader platform.
I work very well with cTrader and I realize that it is not easy with software compatibilities.

Thanks Share4us for the notification.


@No parameters defined:  16 Nov 2020, 00:49

Good morning,
I write because it is the second time that this problem occurs to me but I do not understand why.
I have been using cBot for a long time, I use and try many different bots, and when I have this problem, I have it in all machines, but if I open cTrader on another computer, with the same cBot, it works.

I can enter and change the parameters from the drop-down menu for the currency pair, but not from the menu next to the chart.

I inferred that it happens when Windows 10 server restarts, but I don't understand the reason connected.
If need be I can downgrade Windows, but before doing all the work I wanted to try writing here.

I tried to install the latest version of the .NET Framework as recommended in another post in this forum and I restarted Windows 10 server, but the problem remains.


@[Historical Data] Volatility and Risk:  06 Nov 2020, 08:34

Good morning,
I am a beginner trader and am testing some strategies to verify work in critical situations.
I work on Forex, majors, M1.
I would like to ask the elders of the group if they can help by indicating some very dangerous historical dates for volatility and reaction time. (a few days + high volatility).

Thanks for everything and good luck to you too.
Greetings, Mattia.

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TopGrid V1
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TopGrid is a simple universal robot. EURUSD, Forex and Commodity. Trend + PipStep + Martingale Grid Trading with Martingale. EURUSD M1 - Try this config: Buy: yes Sell: yes Pip Step: 100 First volume: 1000 Volume exponent: 2.5 (based on your budget, try smaller multiplier) Max spread: 10 Average TP: 20 Starting capital: 1000 Euro Pay attention to the configurations if you change financial instrument, remember to test in demo account. Each tool requires attention and study of the graph and behavior to find the correct parameters. Risk is part of your strategy. (Derived from the original code Smart Grid) Have fun. Alternatives and variants Smart Grid V3 (fork derived from the original code Smart Grid) A slightly modified version with the addition of some parameters, an interesting evolution to test. In my opinion the SL is an obstacle in this strategy since it uses an average calculated for the TP and fixing how many positions to open can be a double-edged sword, but useful for Bots with progressive startup controlled according to your budget. For my 2 cent. Smart Grid V3 Robot | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community Power Ranger Robot Another alternative that uses the Grid, a very fun tool on which to play with the parameters with satisfactory results. Good fun. Power Ranger Robot | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community Each financial instrument is to be used with caution, remember to use the Demo accounts, for any operational doubts regarding expenses and limits communicated with your Broker. These are my advice on machines for work, any economic loss is personal. All robots must be constantly monitored, markets change often and without warning. Each job requires time, dedication and many trials and many failures. Good luck. Mattia.