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@Synchronized Drawings:  13 Jun 2022, 10:29

what article are you people referring to? this is an indicator. what's going on here? have you lost your minds? 

@Sync Objects:  01 Jun 2022, 23:10

well, now is the time to take back my comment from the 23rd..  this indicator is unstable, and making my computer crash everytime i add the indicator.  before that, i was getting an error in ctrader saying there is something wrong with this indicator and causing instability, it then removed the indicator from all charts automatically.  


@Synchronized Scrolling:  01 Jun 2022, 18:52

great tool! I wish many of these features were a part of ctrader from installation. 

@Real Dividers 2.0:  31 May 2022, 06:00

oh and are you able to fix the color for daily and weekend lines? no matter which color i choose, it still shows orange and red.

@Forex Trading Sessions:  30 May 2022, 06:44

doesn't work at all. i just see the labels at the top right of the screen, in different colors. no worky. delete delete.

@SessionBox:  30 May 2022, 06:36

quite amazes me that no one can get this indicator right.  I finally had to break down and pay a programmer to make this in caglo.  and he still has to get the asia session working right.  

is calgo code that much more difficult than mt4 ?

@Draw Spread:  29 May 2022, 23:28

sir, please sir can you tell me what code and where to put the font size? I would like ot make it at least double the current size.  that would be most appreciated!

@Draw Spread:  29 May 2022, 22:36

simple and works :)  just what i was looking for. thanks!

@Real Dividers 2.0:  29 May 2022, 22:18

Hi, any chance you can fix the line thickness issue? I set it to 5 and still can barely see the lines. 

@Day of Week Separator:  25 May 2022, 21:28

ohh nice! but poopy no options to change colors of days,  ok if you are using a black chart. 

@Sync Objects:  23 May 2022, 06:48

thank you for this indicator! finally, one that works! 

@Back in time:  13 Feb 2022, 10:32

I need a custom indicator! please contact me fcarabat@gmail.com

@i-Sessions Market:  29 Jan 2022, 00:59

garbage. not even a fill option. this is terrible.

@Daily Open Close:  29 Jan 2022, 00:46

looks like no one is getting an answer. i guess switching to MT4 is the only way. too bad.

@Daily Open Close:  29 Jan 2022, 00:43

please help if you can!  

the indicator shows as open at 5pm, which I imagine would be new york time zone.  I'm in mountain time here.  how do I change this indicator so it shows 3pm open?

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@Synchronizing Drawings on multiple charts :) - please!:  01 Jun 2022, 19:00

Hello Ctrader team! 

I'm really happy you guys have been creating the synchronization tools, they work great!  The only one you are missing - synchronizing drawings on all charts.

It would be great if we can draw a trend line on one chart and see it on another chart in a different time frame. 

Best regards,


@Default colours for drawn items:  24 May 2022, 23:18

almost 2 years have passed and having the same issue? I'm also having this problem..... in may 2022.  common guys can you fix it already?

@SweetSpots Indicator on mT4 converted to calgo - help!:  22 May 2022, 21:27

I have this code below that I've been trying to convert to calgo, but it's giving me an error page when I try.  Anyone out there that knows a thing or 2 about this? I would greatly appreciate it!  i'm about to switch to mt4 because of this one very important indicator.

********************* BELOW YOU WILL SEE THE ERROR PAGE I GET *********************

Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error

Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customErrors> tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This <customErrors> tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

        <customErrors mode="Off"/>

Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's <customErrors> configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

        <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>

********************* BELOW IS THE CODE I WISH TO CONVERY FROM MT4 TO CALGO *******************

//|                                                   SweetSpots.mq4 |
//|                                                                  |
//|                                                                  |
#property copyright "Copyright Shimodax"
#property link      "http://www.strategybuilderfx.com"

#property indicator_chart_window

/* Introduction:

   This indicator shows lines at sweet spots (50 and 100 
   pips levels). It is recommended to turn off the grid.


extern int NumLinesAboveBelow= 100;
extern int SweetSpotMainLevels= 100;
extern color LineColorMain= Gold;
extern int LineStyleMain= STYLE_SOLID;
extern bool ShowSubLevels= true;
extern int sublevels= 250;
extern color LineColorSub= Gold;
extern int LineStyleSub= STYLE_DOT;

//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
int init()

int deinit()
   int obj_total= ObjectsTotal();
   for (int i= obj_total; i>=0; i--) {
      string name= ObjectName(i);
      if (StringSubstr(name,0,11)=="[SweetSpot]") 
//| Custom indicator iteration function                              |
int start()
   static datetime timelastupdate= 0;
   static datetime lasttimeframe= 0;
   // no need to update these buggers too often   
   if (CurTime()-timelastupdate < 600 && Period()==lasttimeframe)
      return (0);
   deinit();  // delete all previous lines
   int i, ssp1, style, ssp, thickness; //sublevels= 50;
   double ds1;
   color linecolor;
   if (!ShowSubLevels)
      sublevels*= 2;
   ssp1= Bid / Point;
   ssp1= ssp1 - ssp1%sublevels;

   for (i= -NumLinesAboveBelow; i<NumLinesAboveBelow; i++) {
      ssp= ssp1+(i*sublevels); 
      if (ssp%SweetSpotMainLevels==0) {
         style= LineStyleMain;
         linecolor= LineColorMain;
      else {
         style= LineStyleSub;
         linecolor= LineColorSub;
      thickness= 1;
      if (ssp%(SweetSpotMainLevels*10)==0) {
         thickness= 2;      

      if (ssp%(SweetSpotMainLevels*100)==0) {
         thickness= 3;      
      ds1= ssp*Point;
      SetLevel(DoubleToStr(ds1,Digits), ds1,  linecolor, style, thickness, Time[10]);


//| Helper                                                           |
void SetLevel(string text, double level, color col1, int linestyle, int thickness, datetime startofday)
   int digits= Digits;
   string linename= "[SweetSpot] " + text + " Line",

   // create or move the horizontal line   
   if (ObjectFind(linename) != 0) {
      ObjectCreate(linename, OBJ_HLINE, 0, 0, level);
      ObjectSet(linename, OBJPROP_STYLE, linestyle);
      ObjectSet(linename, OBJPROP_COLOR, col1);
      ObjectSet(linename, OBJPROP_WIDTH, thickness);
      ObjectSet(linename, OBJPROP_BACK, True);
   else {
      ObjectMove(linename, 0, Time[0], level);

@Please help to convert this mq4 indicator to cAlgo:  22 May 2022, 21:25

algotrader said:

forexner12 said:

I have tried but not succesful 

Now your indicator is supported by 2calgo.com. Please try to convert it one more time.

I know this is a super old post, but i'm trying to convert the same sweetspots indicator with this page you mentioned, but it gives me back an error.  not sure what i'm doing wrong, i just copy and pasted the code.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

@trying to edit line style from solid line to dashed line:  15 May 2021, 03:00

Can someone please help me?  I'm trying to change the code for the line style here, I need it to be a dashed line instead of a solid line.

@Ctrader Crashes:  18 Aug 2020, 06:39

Hello all, 

I downloaded some indicators for my ctrader software and now it's crashing intermittently.  the error shows that it has something to do with the "sessions box" indicator.  I really like using this indicator and found nothing else like it. anyone know if this can be fixed?

at the moment i'm only using macd, round numbers, and the sessions box indicators.

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