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@News Robot: News Robot has been updated. Now you don't need to specify TimeZone. Robot also prints remaining time to chart.
@News Robot: In Australia you need to specify one of these time zones: CenAustraliaStandardTime, EAustraliaStandardTime, WAustraliaStandardTime.
@News Robot: Instead of UTC+1 you need to specify the time zone name. For instance, CentralEuropeStandardTime.
@Price Alarm (Sound): Notifications.PlaySound(@"C:\my file.mp3");
@News Robot: put TimeZone = TimeZones.NewZealandStandardTime
@News Robot: News Robot is updated
@News Robot: bukk530, MarketDepth.Updated event happens more often than OnTick event
@News Robot: You can specify desired timezone in the code (see image #2)
@News Robot: mrlilkkk, I've updated the description. Please look at the first image. Also now it is possible to specify time zone for the robot.
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free  27 Aug 2013
The Central Pivot Range (CPR). Before using this indicator, please specify desired time zone in the code:         Then, change time zone in cTrader/cAlgo:   If you do everything correctly, period separators will correspond pivot range lines:
Tick Chart
free  19 Dec 2012
Tick Chart as an indicator for your cTrader. Also it is possible to build moving average and other indicators over the Tick Chart. For example if you add SMA in the following way: You will get something like this:  
Price Alarm (Sound)
free  19 Mar 2014
Indicator plays sound when price reach some level. Parameters: Price: the target price, 1.29345 for example Spot price (Bid: 1, Ask: 2): type of spot price. If you want to play sound when Ask price reach the target price then specify 2. If you want to play sound when Bid price reach the target price then specify 1. In order to hear the sound, please make sure that sounds are enable in your cTrader/cAlgo:
Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
News Robot
free  05 Nov 2014
Robot places buy and sell STOP orders at specific time. Supports TP, SL, OCO and expiration time. Parameters: News Hour - Hour when news will be published (your local time) News Minute - Minute when news will be published (your local time) Pips away - The number of pips away from the current market price where the pending buy and sell orders will be placed. Take Profit - Take Profit in pips for each order Stop Loss - Stop Loss in pips for each order Volume - trading volume Seconds before - Seconds Before News when robot will place Pending Orders Seconds timeout - Seconds After News when Pending Orders will be deleted One Cancels Other - If "Yes" then when one order will be filled, another order will be deleted News Robot PRO with Trailing Stop and Slippage Control: