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@Unable to log onto my live accounts:  14 May 2022, 03:36

Hi Amusleh,

we've got same problem. 

already established connections are still working, but we tried to restart the app and couldn't connection wit old proxy address.

Is it not better for clients that you enable to establish new connection with OLD and new proxies?

Because we have 20 apps and to change all these apps make us not really happy.

Some apps are working with real money and hundreds followers are copying our accounts.

Kind regards

@IAccount.StopoutLevel:  24 Apr 2022, 23:14


is the IAccount.StopoutLevel in % or just a proportion?

E.g. if my account has a stop out level as 30%, is the value of IAccountStopOutLevel 30 or 0.3?

kind Regards

@Refresh the token doesn't work:  17 Apr 2022, 17:08


My app tried to refresh token with refresh token since Apr. 16.

It didn't work until now.

My app has an automatic token refresh system. It had been working since several months. 

Is there any problem at cTrader server side?

kind regards

@ProtoOADealListByPositionIdReq and ProtoOADealListByPositionIdRes:  04 Mar 2022, 11:50


I am developing a trading app with old version of Open API Library.

There is an OpenApiMessageFactory where request messages are created, response messages are parsed.

There is no ProtoOADealListByPositionIdReq and ProtoOADealListByPositionIdRes creator.

In new version of OpenApi.Net are they neither.

Can you tell me where I can get the functions for these req/res?

kind regards

@Partial Fill or Partial Close:  05 Jan 2022, 12:28

Hi Amusleh,

if an order partially filled by multiple positions, and the positions have same order ID and position IDs, what are difference of these positions? How can I differentiate them? Are there any other IDs which differ from each other?

@Partial Fill or Partial Close:  04 Jan 2022, 22:05


Usually I request order with clientOrderId, so after the order is placed, I can identify the order with clientOrderId and get OrderId and PositionId.

If the order is partially filled, e.g. in two positions, is OrderId same in both positions? and PositionId too?

Will I get the two filled positions in ProtoOAExecutionEvent?

If the position is partially closed e.g. in two deals, is PositionId same in both deals? and OrderId too?

Kind regards

@Frame_too_long:  04 Jan 2022, 22:01

amusleh said:


We are aware of this issue and we are investigating to find the cause of it.

Thanks for reporting.

Hi Amusleh,

is there any update about issue?

I can not run the app since two days. 

Can a new app with new auth datas work?

Kind regards

@Frame_too_long:  03 Jan 2022, 14:42


i had several apps using open Api which are working fine several months.

But they can not connect to Server since 1/3/2022 or maybe since 1/1/2022.

If apps try to authorize the app, following error message is received.

2022-01-03 15:38:16.1266|INFO|CTraderAPILog|Send: "ProtoMessage{AppAuthRequest{clientId:2205_uLmO5Tke92q7Y8qTKf9wECf9ewlqezWRswlhiT9Z2FbwwHR23V, clientSecret:d0iNc3cxWd........}}"
2022-01-03 15:38:16.5990|INFO|CTraderAPILog|Received: "ProtoMessage{ErrorResponse{errorCode:FRAME_TOO_LONG, description:Frame size exceeds allowed limit.}}"
2022-01-03 15:38:16.5990|INFO|MainLog|FRAME_TOO_LONG:Frame size exceeds allowed limit.

This happes at all of apps I developed and used since days ago.

Is anything changed in open Api connection?

Kind regards

@Limitation of subscribed SpotEvent:  01 Dec 2021, 19:59


I am developing an app with Open API.

I have doubt that all the subscribed spot events don't arrive to the app.

Is there any limitation of number of subscribed spotevent?

E.g. the app opens works with 4 accounts. Spot events for 70 symbols are subscribed. So I have 280 subscribed symbol spot events.

Can it work?

Kind regards

@How to get a transaction volume of a trendbar:  18 Aug 2021, 17:50


I want to know how much volume was traded in given timeframe. e.g. total trade volume at Aug 17 10:15:21 (M1).

There is bar volume in ticks in ProtoOATrendbar.

How can I convert this volume into trade volume e.g. in account currency?

Thanks in advance.

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