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@Fractals:  04 Jan 2022, 07:22

Fractals Multi Timeframe

@Fractals:  04 Jan 2022, 07:22

New with Multi Timeframe support: https://ctrader.com/algos/show/2925

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@mouse wheel the chart is zooming in and out instead of scrolling:  26 Nov 2022, 05:14

Even the Hotkeys say Ctrl + Wheel = Zoom in/out

But as @eynt said, it is reverse.

Prefer to Scroll with mouse wheel.

@Stay in drawing mode option:  09 May 2022, 13:40

Please add a button to "Stay in drawing mode".

When we need to draw the same item many number of times, it is really frustrating to keep on selecting the same drawing button.

Similar to the "Stay in drawing mode" feature in TradingView, shown below.


@Add Backtesting Settings to Auto-pause on candle close:  09 Sep 2021, 08:36


Please add a Backtesting Setting to Auto-Pause on Candle Close (a checkbox to enable/disable auto-pause)

While doing manual backtesting in Visual Mode, we need to analyze the chart on candle close and place a trade based on that.

Running the backtest at high speed, it is quite difficult to hit pause at the right time.

Would also save time, as we can run backtest at highest speed and would auto-pause at candle close.


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free  08 Jan 2022
Heikin Ashi Candles High performance and low memory usage, useful when scrolling backwards, works smoothly even with Tick Charts and 1m charts *** IMPORTANT *** Set Chart Type back to "Candlesticks" after REMOVING indicator. Can, also turn off Heikin Ashi Candles without removing the indicator. Press "HA" button or press "h" to toggle HA Candles on/off. ‚Äč
Fractals Multi Timeframe
free  30 Dec 2021
Draw Fractal Lines/Icons of Higher Timeframes. Calculates fractal pattern for Higher TF and shows on the current chart as Lines/Icon/Both. Pattern is calculated as: (For 3 Bar Pattern) For HIGH: <Previous Bar Has Lower High> _ Bar High _ <Next Bar Has Lower High> For LOW: <Previous Bar Has Higher Low> _ Bar Low _ <Next Bar Has Higher Low> Add comments for any fixes or improvements. Thanks. Settings: Timeframe: Select Higher Timeframe than Current Chart Timeframe Fractal Count: Number of Bars to Check on Left/Right for Fractal (Eg. 1: Total 3 Bar Pattern) Line Length: Number of Bars to draw the Fractal Line Draw Type: Line / Icon / Both Below Shows Fractal Lines on 4 Hour Chart with: Current 4H TF: (Green/Red) Daily TF: (Yellow/Orange)
Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
free  02 Jan 2022
Manual Visual Back testing with SL and TP Lines Modify SL and TP using lines in the Chart. Add Comments for more features or issues.   REQUIRED: In Chart, disable Positions in Viewing Options, as shown below: Right Click on Chart > Goto Viewing Options > UNSELECT Positions Run Bot in Backtesting with Visual Mode. Click on Buy/Sell to open position. Click on Close All to Close all open positions. Click [x] icon on Trade Line to close that position. Keyboard Shortcuts: b -- Buy, s -- Sell, c -- Close All Set "Enable Keyboard Shortcuts" to false, to disable Keyboard shortcuts. On creating a position, TP and SL lines will be created. These can be moved, to update TP and SL Use 1,2,3,4,5,6 buttons to move Trading Panel Location Future TODO: Edit Position