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aksbenz · 2 weeks ago

Updates (2023-09-12):

  1. Added Parameter for Default R:R
  2. Added feature to Lock/Unlock R:R
    How to use:
     - Select the Rectangle (tp or sl)
     - Click on Lock/Unlock Button
  3. Added Parameter for Default Lock/Unlock R:R
  4. Added Parameter to show values on new lines
aksbenz · 2 weeks ago


I tried the real-time update, but, unfortunately, CTrader does NOT provide real time updated value of Drawings, while they are being moved or resized. Only once the user has completed the change, then it provides the final value.

If in future Ctrader adds this feature, then I will update this tool.


aksbenz · 1 month ago

1. Added No of Bars
2. Added parameter for Button Location

aksbenz · 1 year ago

New with Multi Timeframe support: