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Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Swing Trader using Renko Charts



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@Gold cbot no Loss by> Durrani:  31 Jul 2022, 08:12

Looks like a Martingale system?

@LiPiBot (RSI):  15 May 2022, 07:11

This is useless if it cannot trade live.

@(Upd)OrglobalFx Simple Waddar cBOT v1.1:  10 Apr 2022, 09:00

Great results, thank you

@OrglobalFX ICHIMOKU cBOT Renko Tested:  07 Apr 2022, 03:45

What Renko level are you setting it at RE5?

@RSI bot with MA:  07 Jan 2022, 10:37

Thanks you

@RSI bot with MA:  06 Jan 2022, 09:58

Any way of adding SL and TP pips parameters?  

@RSI bot with MA:  06 Jan 2022, 08:40

Thank you I am getting so many great results with Brent Crude Oil.  

@renko buy sell with levels:  04 Aug 2021, 10:32

This is an indicator not a bot

@renko buy sell with levels:  04 Aug 2021, 10:32

This is an indicator not a bot

@OrglobalFx MA MTF Indicator:  10 Jul 2021, 14:24

rewrite as else if (res1bear == true)

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@Bug: Indicators rely on new tick data to display:  07 Aug 2022, 09:58

firemyst said:

PureForm said:

Ok, so I stripped down a working indicator line by line to see what makes it update and found the following workaround.

for (int i=1; i<=500; i++)
    double j = Bars.MedianPrices.LastValue - Bars.MedianPrices.Last(i);

Add this code to the Calculate() function. It seems to wake up the indicator or feeds it bar data.
As you can see this is unnecessary taxing. I haven't found a solution that works with the Initialize() function.

This bug should be fixed ASAP.

You will want to change your code to be more like the following so it's not running through that loop when the markets are open:

if (!Symbol.MarketHours.IsOpened())
	for (int i=1; i<=500; i++)
	    double j = Bars.MedianPrices.LastValue - Bars.MedianPrices.Last(i);

And it's completely ridiculous that a version of cTrader would even get released with a bug like this... Spotware definitely needs to fix it asap!

Cannot add code as the indicators I use are moving averages and CCI

@Indicators are not showing up in the new version:  07 Aug 2022, 09:17

Version 4.2.18 not showing indicators nor even text box creations

@1 Second Candles:  06 Jul 2022, 03:59

Can We get 1-second candles

@Larry Connors Double 7 Strategy:  07 Apr 2022, 01:15


Has anyone had any success with coding a Double 7 cBot with simple rules as follows;

  1. The stock must be above its 200 day moving average.
  2. If the stock closes at a 7-day low, then buy.
  3. Sell the position if it closes at a 7-day high.


@Highlight items on Watchlist:  16 Jan 2022, 06:16

When scanning through my watchlist, I would like to flag the ones that I would like to trade later in the week.

I currently have to resort to paper and pen as Ctrader does not let me flag these for later analysis.

suggestions please

@Optimisation sort on Equity:  08 Jan 2022, 00:57

When setting Optimisation Criteria, can we please add Equity (not talking about equity drawdown)?

@cTrader 4.1 with some issues:  30 Oct 2021, 23:33

demozi2K17 said:

Since I updated my cTrader from ver 4 to ver 4.1 I started running with connection issues delays changing the charts. Also, I notice a big increase in memory usage what makes the platform almost stop if I left it open. I didn't have any of these issues on Ver 4.0. It seems the program has some memory leaks.

I will try to re-install the ver 4 again


@Currency pair hot key to select 1 at a time to cycle conditions.:  14 Jun 2021, 12:42


I have my charts set up so all I do every week is cycle through each market by clicking on it.

Is there a hotkey that I can press to do the same thing?


@Right Offset feature:  08 Jun 2021, 10:13

Is there a way to offset the chart from the right-hand side so that we can see the full Ichimoku cloud as in Metatrader 

The current offset is not enough unless we zoom right out and maybe see most of it.

My suggestion only.


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Using the Bill Williams Awesome Indicator, Hull MA, and ATR combined with Renko to give good results.
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free  22 Jan 2021
Derived from "How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange" by Courtney D. Smith This is a trend following, long term system, so scalpers may leave now. This robot uses simple indicators to show when it is safe to buy, safe to sell or just stay out of the market They are: 1. Today's close is less than the 10-day moving average of the close. 2. Today's 10-day moving average is less than the 10-day moving average 10 days ago. 3. Today's close is less than the close of 40 days ago. Utilizing the NNFX money management of ATR and 2% risk. Feel free to use it at your own risk. If anyone has a Ctrader indicator that can show this it would be appreciated. Learned by watching NNFX Bot on Youtube.  NNFX Bot