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Exzell · 4 months ago

wow since i brought this indicator, ive been backtesting with it, it offers so many valuable signals and deadly accurate confirmations for my particular trading strategy am just in amazement at what am seeing on my charts - this has just supercharged my strategy - thank you for creating this

Exzell · 6 months ago

am loving your indicators, i've got all 3 so far,  i've found ways to utilise them in my strategies and so far they're helping a lot - keep producing more

Exzell · 7 months ago

I have a similar indicator which is custom made, what would make this indicator better in my opinion is if you added the ability to label your trendlines via the comments in the settings, it would make it easier when telegram sends the alert to notify exactly what trendline was hit and what it references for the trader - if you have a lot of trendlines this can quickly become a mess - but thats just my opinion - great indicator none the less