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Welcome to CoderBlog. Risk Reward Management Tool for cTrader:
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I am a programmer and love the trading, welcome to my blog :)


Welcome to CoderBlog. Risk Reward Management Tool for cTrader:

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@PinBar Detector: Hi Symposium,  Thanks for your suggestion, I have updated the indicator to show the left room candles!  :)
@Information Pad: Thank you!, ClickAlgo :)
@Sync Objects: That's great!!! Thanks!!
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PinBar Detector
free  15 Mar 2021
    New Version: 1.1 Add the calculation left room candles function, it can get the number of candles didn't touch the pinbar price New parameters: CustomCalLeftRoomCandle:  set how many left candles needs to be calculated CustomLeftRoomLength(%): the percentage of the pinbar nose length to be compared   Result: This is a PinBar detector indicator and I convert from the MT4 version (not convert by auto online tool)  so you can also go to the below line for detail description:   Pinbar Detector is an indicator that tries to detect Pinbars (also known as "Pin-bar" or "Pin bar") and marks them by placing a "smiling face" symbol below the bullish Pinbars and above the bearish Pinbars. It is a pure price action indicator, which is not using any standard technical indicators in its code. The configuration of Pinbar detection can be done via the indicator's input parameters. Pinbar Detector can issue platform alerts and email alerts on detection. The indicator is available both for MT4 and MT5 versions of the trading platform.   Support parameters:   Input parameters CountBars (default = 0) — the maximum number of bars, on which to detect the pinbars. 0 = all. DisplayDistance (default = 5) — the distance from the candles to the pinbar "smiling face" symbols. UseAlerts (default = true) — tells the indicator to issue platform alert with sound on Pinbar detection. UseEmailAlerts (default = false) — tells the indicator to issue an email alert on Pinbar detection. Email should be properly configured in MetaTrader via Tools->Options->Email. UseCustomSettings (default = false) — tells the indicator to use custom Pinbar detection parameters described below. CustomMaxNoseBodySize (default = 0.33) — maximum allowed body/length ratio for the Nose bar. CustomNoseBodyPosition (default = 0.4) — Nose body should be positioned in the top (bottom for bearish pattern) part of the Nose bar. CustomLeftEyeOppositeDirection (default = true) — tells the indicator that the Left Eye bar should be bearish for bullish Pinbar, and bullish for bearish Pinbar. CustomNoseSameDirection (default = true) — tells the indicator that the Nose bar should be of the same direction as the pattern itself. CustomNoseBodyInsideLeftEyeBody (default = false) — tells the indicator that the Nose body should be inside the Left Eye body. CustomLeftEyeMinBodySize (default = 0.1) — minimum size of the Left Eye body relative to the bar length. CustomNoseProtruding (default = 0.5) — minimum protrusion of the Nose bar relative to the bar length. CustomNoseBodyToLeftEyeBody (default = 1) — maximum size of the Nose body relative to the Left eye body. CustomNoseLengthToLeftEyeLength (default = 0) — minimum Nose length relative to the Left Eye length. CustomLeftEyeDepth (default = 0.2) — minimum depth of the Left Eye relative to its length. Depth is length of the part of the bar behind the Nose.   =================================== Winson CoderBlog:
paid  03 Feb 2021
Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator   You have to do the risk and reward management for each trading, otherwise you will difficult to win and control your money in the market! You can set the stop-loss and take-profit in cTrader as below: This is really better than MT4 & MT5, it will auto calculate the risk money by stop loss value, and you can also set the take profit amount! But this is still not convenient enough, I think if there is a visual operation for that will be great! For example, you can drag & drop the stop-loss and take-profit line before you open order, and it will auto calculate the risk-reward rate or you can set the risk-reward for take-profit! That’s means you can easy to drag the stop loss to the support or resistance level, this will be very helpful for control and manage your money! Ok, I will let you know what an indicator can help you to do that! I created an indicator for risk-reward management, you can easy to set the stop loss and take profit what you want, you also can drag the SL & TP line to set the value: As you can see in the capture, the blue line is the entry price, green is the take profit price, and red is the stop-loss price. There are 4 order type buttons as below : When you open a “Buy” or “Sell” order, you can drag the blue line, it will auto-update base on the Ask or Bid price, but if you want to open a “Buy Stop” or “Sell Stop” order, you can drag the blue line for your entry price level. By default, all of the values will auto-update base on the current entry price, but if you want to change one of them, just edit it, and you will see an edit button change to green: After you edit the value, click the green edit button, it will calculate other related values. For example, when you change the risk amount, it will also calculate the volumes to fulfill your amount, so that you can control how many amounts will you lose in this trade! You can set to use the fix amount or percentage for the risk amount, if check “Use Percentage” button, it will base on your account balance to calculate the risk and update the volumes. There are some parameters can be set: Panel algnment: Set the default position of the panel Style Settings: Set the stop-loss, take-profit and entry price line’s color RS Management: Default Volumes: default volumes when open the indicator Risk Amount: default risk amount when open the indicator Default StopLoss: default stop-loss pips when open the indicator Default RS: default risk and reward rate when open the indicator But this is still an indicator, so it can’t open order, if you want to open the order, you can take a look the cBot version. In the end, this indicator is not free, I only want to charge a small fee so that I can create more better indicator or cBot in the future, but you can download it with 14 days free trial! So, if you like it, please purchase it, thanks for your support :) Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator    
Information Pad
free  25 Jan 2021
New version release: 1.1  Can change the panel position by ctrl + mouse You can display the trading and account information in this panel: 1. Set to display the period data (base on months) for total trades and success rate 2. Set to display the account information (e.g balance, equity, net profit..) 3. Set to display margin information (e.g leverage, used margin, free margin, margin level...) 4. Can hide and show the panel   Parameters: 1. Set the panel position with vertical and horizontal 2. Default to Show:  whether default to show or hide 3. Show Trading Info: whether to show the trading info panel 4. Show Account Info: whether to show the account info panel 5. Show Margin Info: whether to show the margin info panel 6. Data of Months: how many recent months of data do you want to show (e.g 3 for recent 3 months data, 0 will show all of the history data)        
Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
paid  11 Apr 2021
This is the new version of the cBot that I created before! In this new version, it can set multiple take profit points and auto-detects them, and it can also set the break-even, let me show you the new feature as below:   Auto Take Profit There is a new button for “Auto Take Profit” as below:   It provide 3 take profit steps as below: You need to set the take profit 1 and then set the take profit 2 and then 3, it will step by step to execute the take profit with the condition what you set. There are two parameters that needs to set, first is the percentage of the total profit that will be taken, the second is the condition value, there are two type of the condition: “Percent of Total TP” : That’s mean if the current profit reach the percent of total profit then will execute the take profit action “Price”: It will take profit when the price reach the setting value For example: set take profit 1 value to 50% at 60 with Percent of Total TP set take profit 2 value to 80% at 1.6175 with price Then the cBot will take profit 1 when the order profit reach 60% of total profit, and colse the 50% position of the order And then it will take profit 2 when the price reach 1.6175, and colse the 80% remain position of the order Set Break Even If enable this, it will auto set the break even when the condition reach it. For example: set break even at 50 with percent of total TP Then the cBot will auto set the stop loss to break even(it will include the spread) when the current profit reach 50% of total profit After you finish the settings, you can start the take profit, but the last thing that you must input the order lable for trace the take profit action, if you create an order with this cBot, it will auto get the order label, otherwise you need to find the order label in position panel: if you can see the label column, just right click the position column and show it out After that, click the green button to Start Take Profit, after start it, you can stop in anytime Set Default Values by parameter There are some new parameters in cBot settings, you can set the default values in here so that you don’t need to set it every time when you stop/start the cBot You can set all of the default value for auto take profit function, if the value is 0, then this item will be in-active by default. Import Please note that if you stop the cBot, all of the take profit (break even) settings will be stop and the status will be reset, but if you just stop the take profit, you can start it in anytime and it will continue to work.   Download as below:  Now! You can use the below coupon to get 25% discount! CODERBLOG-BOT cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot    
paid  03 Feb 2021
Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot   I have created an indicator for risk and reward management, but that’s an indicator so can’t open the order, at this post, I will introduce a cBot version and you can open the order base on the stop-loss, take-profit and risk amount setup. We can take a look the cBot screen capture: It’s almost the same as the indicator but with a few more features! In this cBot, you can create a new order, add the comments and set whether want to use the trailing stop. I will describe the following functions and usage in detail: Base Buttons: Buy This is the buy order, so the stop-loss should be less than the entry price, and the take-profit greater than the entry price.   Sell This is the sell order, so the stop-loss should be greater than the entry price, and the take profit less than the entry price. When you click the “Sell” button, the cBot will auto calculate the SL & TP and change them   Buy Stop This is the buy stop order, that’s mean you can set an entry price above current price and wait for the market to reach it. It will auto open the buy order when the market reaches it. It’s useful when you want to open orders when the market breakout.   Sell Stop This is the sell stop order, it’s the same as a buy stop order, but just wait for the market to fall down to your setup price and open a sell order.   Hide This can hide the panel, when you want to see more chart information and you can hide the panel.   Create Order Create the order base the above setting values   Risk and reward values: You can change all of these values just edit the input. When you change the values, the edit button(Pencil icon) will be enabled, after you changed you need to click the button to update the values. The cBot will auto calculate other related values base on your update: Volumes Setup how many volumes do you want to take in this order.   Stop Loss Setup the stop-loss price, it will auto-update the Risk/Reward Rate and Volumes (base on risk amount), you also can drag the stop-loss line(default is green) to update it.   Take Profit Setup the take-profit price, it will auto-update the Risk/Reward Rate, you also can drag the take-profit line(default is red) to update it.   Risk/Reward Rate Setup the risk and reward rate, for example, set the value to 2, which means the take-profit pips will be double with stop-loss pips. It will auto-update the Take Profit value   Risk Amount Setup the amount you want to take in this order, which means the money you will lose if this trade is failed, this is a very important part to control your money in your trading. This is a fixed amount value by default, if you tick “Use Percentage“, it will calculate the percentage base on your account balance value.   Has Trailing Stop Setup whether to use the trailing stop in this order. It will use the cTrader default trailing stop feature.   Comments Setup the comments for this order. It will auto mark the current time frame and risk/reward rate value in comments if you didn’t input anything.   The Parameters Panel alignment Setup the default position for cBot panel. You also can setup the shortcut key for move the panel Style Settings Setup the SL,TP and entry price line’s color RS Management Setup the default values when startup the cBot In the end, this cBot is not free, I just only charge a small fee so that I can create more better indicator or cBot in the future. So, if you like it, please purchase it, thanks for your support  Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot