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@reversal bar:  21 Sep 2021, 07:43

Hi, sorry but there isn't any strategy based on this indicator, but it can help with better viewing of the market, or/and can serve as an indication to enter or close a position depending on the comfigurations you've set


PS: this indicator is inspired from a simple video seen on Youtube 

@reversal bar:  25 Jun 2021, 20:38

Hi, thank you amirreza.mrz  

Because of peformance reasons, there will not be an alarm type of systeme

As for personalyze editing in the link bellow, there's a discussion about the subject, or a way

similar on how it can be done




Place the solution in the "If" statements on the 75th and 89th lines and it should 

normaly be it. :)

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by d.deel
free  05 Mar 2023
For Better Analysis  
by d.deel
free  19 Sep 2021
New update (17/09/2021) Better performance Not necessarily a trend based indicator.  Using the RSI indicator as reference, levels are being implimented on the Chart, higher, lower and center. With three types of parameters, the higher the more precise they might be, but the fewer levels will be shown. Notice: aside frome the center levels, for better use of the support and resistence levels, the higher the type the better, levels are only been shown, as prices  reach a certain axis.   Chartshot: EURUSD, h1 04:23:13 (UTC+0) on Jun 9th, 2021  
Hull VolumeIndex
by d.deel
free  17 Jun 2021
  With it's default parameters,Trend will be determinate by the TMA, WMA and HMA results [On chart (Hull with param 50)] Get it on the App Store Get it on the Google Play Download Trader's Way cTrader Launch Trader's Way cTrader Web Chartshot: EURUSD, h12 18:52:45 (UTC+0) on Jun 17th, 2021    
reversal bar
by d.deel
free  21 Sep 2021
New Update (21/09/2021) Better  Performance Indicator has been /* UPGRADED/*, with the option to determine your own period for reversal signals, and a build in zigzag with customable periods  just a simple indicator to help those who have a hard time entering positions, not necessarily a trend base indicator, it' s recommended to use other indicators as well(add it to your stra) in this caption other indicators are being used as well(indicators with their rightful owner), also not necessarily recommended        purple for sell & blue for buy    // if you have any feedbacks leave them in the comment section    also before use, it is better to set your candle color and outline on transparent   
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