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@BluekeyCash_Signals for Crypto-Traders:  19 Nov 2021, 17:05

Hello guys,   Minor update fixed. Default Settings to the 4 Signals. Check and re-download the new version.   Happy Trading

@BluekeyCash_Signals for Crypto-Traders:  18 Nov 2021, 15:22

Hi everyone,   You will need to download and use Pepperstone Ctrader to get the signal codes for the 11 crypto-assets. The signal is available for free now, but your Ctrader Account must be linked up to receive the 6 Signal codes stated in the code above.

@Gann HiLo:  18 Nov 2014, 17:26

This Indicator is useful on H1 Chart.
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free  19 Nov 2021
Visit for more updates. The Signal system consists of 4 classes of signals: 1. Base Signal - shows when there is a strong trend. 2. Swing Trade Signal - assets can be held for days. 3. Day Trade Signal - very short-term signal, possibly within 24 hours. 4. 100% Bullish or 100% Bearish - Very very strong trend. The can be used for Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.  100% Bearish Signals can be used for Dollar-Cost Averaging when the market is most bearish on the selected crypto-assets. 100% Bullish Signals can be used to hold assets till the Swing Trade Signal Reverses.   Home: