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o.o.d.exp · 7 months ago

Hi, this indicator is a really good idea but it doesn't work well, it would need an update in my opinion because when zooming in and out, the time frames do not change in a linear, sequential way but jump chaotically from one to another.

Also it would be good if while zooming, it could keep the same position in the chart that one is looking at, but unfortunately the indicator cannot keep it.

Thank you, I hope you decide to update it.

o.o.d.exp · 1 year ago

I meant top right/ bottom right

o.o.d.exp · 1 year ago

Cool indicator, thank you.

It only miss the top right/ top left positions option like the old one.

o.o.d.exp · 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for this indicator. Is it possible to add options for increasing the symbol size, and moving it on other chart corner?