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@OrglobalFx MA MTF Indicator:  12 Jul 2021, 23:38

Please, confirm

@OrglobalFx_BreakEven cBOT:  20 May 2021, 15:48

I'll check that up... Though it might not come quick.
Thanks for you feed back

@OrglobalFx_BreakEven cBOT:  17 May 2021, 22:44

Hello ex-al,

For now, I'm not sure if ctrader supports that. 
However, you can add the  multiple instances of pairs to the cbot under the "Automate" tab.

Let me know if this helps.


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free  31 Mar 2022
OrglobalFx Ichimoku Multitimeframe Display Works on Renko Chart    
free  18 Mar 2022
  OrglobalFx SSL MultitimeFrame Indicator with Color. Contact: Telegram: @orglobalng For customizations. E.g Telegram Alerts etc        
free  05 Aug 2021
Telegram: @orglobalng  Donate  
free  18 May 2021
Based on Ichimoku Timeframe H4 & D1   Indicator: Ichimoku Timeframe Analysis: D1 & H4 T Platform: ctrader Broker: ICMarkets Strategy Details... 1. Baseline and conversion line cross on D1 2. Baseline and conversion line cross on H4 3. Price cross conversion line on H4 4. Price Kumo Breakout H4 5. Kumo Status: Rising of Falling H4 You can enter trades using stop orders when indicators displays a 80% . Note: This indicator does not give entry signals, It only displays trend bias.   For more details: Telergram: @orglobalng Take trades at your risk.  
free  05 Aug 2021
OrglobalFx ATR Risk Calculator V1.0 Telegram: @orglobalng Donate  Displays Stoploss based x * ATR Displays risk  Displays present bar size in pips Displays atr for weekly, daily, hour4 and hour1  Displays current spread Displays volume per trade. Calculated based on risk%, balance etc.    
free  04 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx_Waddah_Attah_Edited_v1.1  Updated version of : OrglobalFx_Waddah_Attah_Edited_v1_0 Indicator | Algorithmic Forex...  Reference from Waddah Attah Explosion   Feature  Waddah Attah based on a different calculation
free  05 Aug 2021
OrglobalFx_Waddah_Attah_Edited_v1_0  Telegram: @orglobalng Donate Reference from Waddah Attah Explosion  Updated version: OrglobalFx Waddah Attah Edited_v1.1 Indicator | Algorithmic Forex...  
Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
free  30 Mar 2022
OrglobalFX Ichimoku cBOT   Telegram: @orglobalng
free  29 Mar 2022
OrglobalFX Pure Renko cBOT Trades based on bricks formed. For example, If two green bricks appear, take a long position. And otherwise. Automatic breakeven and trailing stop added.   Contact: Telegram- @orglobalng
free  21 Mar 2022
free  29 Mar 2022
OrglobalFxBOT Simple SSL V1.0 Tested on Renko   Telegram : @orglobalng   Logic: Takes and Close Trades by SSL flips
free  12 Mar 2021
//OrglobalFx_BreakEven cBOT // // Will move stoploss to breakeven and trail the price.
free  04 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx_Simple_Waddar_cBOT_v1_1 with breakeven Reference from Waddah Attah Exploasion   Logic Update:  Buy =  Histogram (Green) > Explosion Line (Yellow)  for the Last Bar  Sell = Histogram (Red) > Explosion Line (Yellow)   for the Last Bar     Note: Discovered that the previous version wasn't picking trades accurately.                                                   Features: Different calculations Breakeven trigger added with trailing stop(trails the prices at breakeven).
free  03 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx_Simple_Waddar_cBOT_v1_0 Contact:   Reference from Waddah Attah Exploasion    Logic:  Buy =  Histogram (Green) > Explosion Line (Yellow) and Explosion Line > Dead Line (White) for the Last Bar  Sell = Histogram (Red) > Explosion Line (Yellow) and Explosion Line > Dead Line (White)   for the Last Bar                                                       
free  03 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx Simple RSI cBOT v1.0 Contact:   Logic: Buy = rsi > 50  and < 70 and is rising. Sell = rsi >30 and < 50 and is falling