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@GT Margin Visualizer v1.1: Hi Astroke - thank you! Download it again, it should be fixed now
@MultiSymbol Spread Analyzer: Hi evgrinaus - the file is saved on your desktop
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free  15 Mar 2021
GT Margin Visualizer allows you to visualize your actual margin level on the on-chart scale together with 100% and Stop-Out level lines and highlighted areas. You can also simulate effect of a custom leverage set via the Leverage parameter. Version history: 1.0 - Initial release 1.1 - Minor enhancements 1.2 - Fixed error causing deletion of all chart objects Feel free to let me know about any issues or post your suggestions for improvements in the comments! Did you like my work?
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free  18 Mar 2021
GT MultiSymbol Spread Analyzer allows you to analyze, evaluate, and compare spreads and trading costs of multiple symbols from the historical Tick data of various brokers. You can set up the following parameters: Watchlist (commission) Name of the Watchlist with symbols charged commission fee Commission per mil Commission charged by the broker is converted by the analyzer to the equivalent pips. Together with the average symbol spread this represents the total cost of trade of the symbol: total cost = average spread (avg) + commission pips (comm) Watchlist (no commission) Name of the Watchlist with commission-free symbols Export to File You can choose to export the aggregated results of one broker's account to a .csv file (saved on the Desktop). Multiple files generated from different accounts (brokers) can be merged e.g. in MS Excel or Google Sheets for further cross-broker analysis  (see the below example) By Hours Data export can be aggregated by hours instead of the standard daily aggregation Normalize Symbol Names When selected the analyzer attempts to convert various symbol names (e.g. EURUSD and EUR/USD) used by brokers to a unified format so that data exported from different brokers can be aggregated and analyzed together (e.g. in a pivot table) See the NormalizeSymbolName() function for the mapping rules. In case of need you can add your broker's symbol names   Make sure to use the Tick data from Server (accurate) for Backtesting (you can ignore the Starting Capital and Commission fields): Choose the time period over which you want to analyze the spreads (no more than 1 year is suggested if you use the Create File together with By Hours option) IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you experience errors during the backtest run, ensure the start date is a working day ​The aggregated results are written to the Log: min - minimum spread identified max - maximum spread identified avg - calculated average spread comm - commission fee converted to the equivalent pips total cost - total cost in pips [new in v1.2] normalized - total cost in "normalized pips" where pip size is determined by the analyzer for each symbol. This ensures the normalized pips to have the same size for selected symbol across all tested brokers, thus allowing for an easier total costs comparison   Example of a further analysis of the extracted data in MS Excel PivotTable: (note the differences between the Ø Total Cost vs. the Ø Normalized Cost on indices and crypto caused by different pip sizes among the tested brokers) Version history: 1.0 - Initial release 1.1 - Zero commission watchlist added 1.2 - Normalized total cost added 1.3 - Fixed usage of normalized symbol names in the backtesting log Feel free to let me know about any issues or post your suggestions for improvements in the comments! Did you like my work?