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@Smoothed High And Low Overlay Bands:  17 Aug 2020, 08:13

Hi looks cool. How do I use it? What do I look for? Thanks

@VWAP with Bands:  03 Mar 2020, 10:07

Hi there, a generous person on the cTrader Telegram who goes by the name /DarthMaulAtWork/ showed me what to do. Thanks again! I copied and pasted the code below. It only highlights the 1sd but if you add: [Cloud("Upper Deviation 2", "Lower Deviation 2")] and/or [Cloud("Upper Deviation 3", "Lower Deviation 3")] below [Cloud("Upper Deviation 1", "Lower Deviation 1")] you can shade the 2nd and 3rd Std Deviation bands too. Thank you for the coding of this indicator, it is amazing!!! using System; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.Indicators; namespace cAlgo {     [Cloud("Upper Deviation 1", "Lower Deviation 1")]     [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AutoRescale = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]     public class VWAPCloud : Indicator     {         [Parameter("TimeFrame")]         public TimeFrame TF { get; set; }         [Parameter("Show Interruptions", DefaultValue = false)]         public bool ShowInterruptions { get; set; }         [Parameter("Show Standard Deviations", Group = "Standard Deviations", DefaultValue = false)]         public bool ShowSTDs { get; set; }         [Parameter("First Multiplier", Group = "Standard Deviations", DefaultValue = 1)]         public double STD1M { get; set; }         [Parameter("Second Multiplier", Group = "Standard Deviations", DefaultValue = 2)]         public double STD2M { get; set; }         [Parameter("Third Multiplier", Group = "Standard Deviations", DefaultValue = 3)]         public double STD3M { get; set; }         [Output("Main", Color = Colors.Orange, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries Result { get; set; }         [Output("Upper Deviation 1", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD1U { get; set; }         [Output("Lower Deviation 1", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD1D { get; set; }         [Output("Upper Deviation 2", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD2U { get; set; }         [Output("Lower Deviation 2", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD2D { get; set; }         [Output("Upper Deviation 3", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD3U { get; set; }         [Output("Lower Deviation 3", Color = Colors.RoyalBlue, Thickness = 2, PlotType = PlotType.DiscontinuousLine)]         public IndicatorDataSeries STD3D { get; set; }         [Parameter("Build Lines", Group = "Lines", DefaultValue = false)]         public bool BuilLines { get; set; }         public IndicatorDataSeries tpv;         private MarketSeries Series;         private int LastStartIndex = 0;         protected override void Initialize()         {             Series = MarketData.GetSeries(TF);             tpv = CreateDataSeries();         }         public override void Calculate(int index)         {             tpv[index] = MarketSeries.Close[index] * MarketSeries.TickVolume[index];             int startIndex = MarketSeries.OpenTime.GetIndexByTime(Series.OpenTime[Series.OpenTime.GetIndexByTime(MarketSeries.OpenTime[index])]);             if (startIndex > LastStartIndex)             {                 if (ShowInterruptions)                     Chart.DrawIcon("Interruption " + startIndex, ChartIconType.Diamond, startIndex, Result[startIndex - 1], Color.Yellow);             }             double cptv = 0, cv = 0;             for (int i = index; i >= startIndex; --i)             {                 cptv += tpv[i];                 cv += MarketSeries.TickVolume[i];             }             Result[index] = cptv / cv;             //Standard deviation             if (ShowSTDs)             {                 double squaredErrors = 0;                 for (int i = index; i >= startIndex; --i)                 {                     squaredErrors += Math.Pow(MarketSeries.Close[i] - Result[index], 2);                 }                 squaredErrors /= (index - startIndex + 1);                 squaredErrors = Math.Sqrt(squaredErrors);                 STD1U[index] = squaredErrors * STD1M + Result[index];                 STD1D[index] = Result[index] - squaredErrors * STD1M;                 STD2U[index] = squaredErrors * STD2M + Result[index];                 STD2D[index] = Result[index] - squaredErrors * STD2M;                 STD3U[index] = squaredErrors * STD3M + Result[index];                 STD3D[index] = Result[index] - squaredErrors * STD3M;             }             //Build lines             if (BuilLines)                 Chart.DrawTrendLine("Fixed " + startIndex, startIndex, Result[startIndex - 1], index, Result[startIndex - 1], Color.Yellow);         }     } }

@VWAP with Bands:  03 Mar 2020, 03:54

Hi there, Thank you for this awesome indicator! Ctrader now enables you to draw semi-transparent clouds between two indicator lines. I was wondering if you could draw a cloud between the Upper and Lower 1SD VWAP Bands if possible. Happy to pay for this to be done. Please let me know. Love your work. Thank you JS  

@holy -\(*.*)/- Grail:  25 Jul 2019, 08:44

Awesome indicator! Is there any way to convert it to Sierra Chart? Thanks

@mTF Cloud Component Radar:  04 Feb 2015, 12:28

Hi Awesome indicator. How did you write the color shading between the two lines in C Algo. I wanted to do that with Bollinger Bands ie. Color shade between the upper and lower bands. Cheers

@Bollinger Bands:  04 Feb 2015, 11:52

Hi, thanks for the indicator. Would you know how to shade the area between the upper and lower bands? I saw the Ichimoku Cloud has shading and and tried to see how it was done but could not find it. Here is the example /algos/indicators/show/381. Cheers

@Regression2000:  26 Jan 2015, 16:59

Hi, I really like this indicator. Would you by and chance have the cAlgo code for a Regression line also known as Linear Regression Forecast. Cheers JS

@Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC):  26 Jan 2015, 16:57

Hi, This indicator is amazing. Would you by and chance have the cAlgo code for a Regression line also known as Linear Regression Forecast. Cheers JS

Last Forum Posts

@Candlestick bar colour:  05 Sep 2022, 03:27

Hi can you make it possible to change the candlestick colours on the Android app. I could change it on the old version but not the new one.


@Detachable Watchlist linked to charts:  19 Jan 2021, 13:41

Hi guys,

It would be awesome to be able to change the charts being viewed from the detachable watchlist that is already available in cTrader.

Most trading software out there enables the user to link a custom detachable watchlist to the current charts being viewed and to

scroll up or down the symbol list with the up and down arrow keys.

It is a lot quicker to change symbols and saves a lot of time when having to scroll through 100+ symbols.

Thank you for your time.



@Time period in seconds:  02 May 2020, 01:27

Hi would love to have seconds time period bars in cTrader. Eg. 20 sec bars and 30 sec bars.


@platform is not responding:  07 Apr 2019, 14:54

Hi there,

Whenever I display EURCAD, EURUSD and GBPUSD charts my cTrader windows platform slows down a lot and sometimes completely stalls and the charts don't scroll to the past, its really annoying. I have uninstalled it too and when I re-install it the same problem happens. cTrader seems to work fine when I display US30 cfd, GBPJPY, USDJPY, EURJPY charts though. I display 4 windows of diff timeframes of the same mkt.

I have not tried it with all mkts, just the ones I follow the most.

Please help



@cTrader 3.01:  25 Aug 2018, 20:18

Hi how do I get cTrader 3.01?

Is it available yet?



@Remove Crosshair indicator info.:  06 Jun 2018, 03:26

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Dear Jeshayle,

We have released an update. See below


Best Regards,


Hi Thats Awesome.

Thank you so much.

Great work!

@Remove Crosshair indicator info.:  31 May 2018, 15:18

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi Jeshayle,

We are aware of this issue and we will resolve it in an upcoming update.

Best Regards,



Thanks Panagiotis

@Remove Crosshair indicator info.:  31 May 2018, 11:23

Hi guys,is there any way to remove the indicator info from the crosshairs?

It is so annoying!

There is already the mkt snapshot that does almost the same thing.

I love how the measuring tool is always attached to the crosshairs. When I want to measure price distances, the crosshairs usually hover over a MA and the indicator info for the MA shows up and blocks the pips values I'm trying to read.

I already know what indicators I got on my chart and if I want their values I can click the mkt snapshot tool.

Is there any setting I can change to get rid of this.



@Quicker method to switch between favourite timeframes:  28 Sep 2016, 12:48

Yeah and have a 'link charts' option so that multiple charts can change their time frame together if you are analyzing 2 or more markets at once. Pretty please!
I do overcome this by creating many different templates on the cloud work space which is a genius idea btw but would be better to be able to change multiple charts times in one go.
Thanks guys Love C-Trader

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