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Normalized ATR
free  11 Jan 2022
ATR (Average True Range) is usually used to assess volatility of the market. But since it is not bounded, we can not really know if some extremes of the volatility (maximal or minimal, whichever we are looking for) is reached. This version is using a min/max normalization to attempt to add those bounds and thus, to add a criteria if minimum or maximum is reached  
Gioteen Norm
free  11 Jan 2022
The Gioteen Norm indicator is a custom oscillating indicator that represents normalized price. It is a rather simple oscillating indicator which is unbounded and oscillates with a midline of zero. This allows the indicator to mimic the movement of price action quite closely.  
free  11 Jan 2022
The QQE indicator is a momentum based indicator to determine trend and sideways. This is slightly modified version of https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/169  
free  28 Jul 2021
Market Facilitation Index , by Bill Williams , plots the effectiveness of price movement by computing the price movement per volume unit. Green : --------------------------------- MFIndex increases and the volume increases. This means that the amount of participants entering the market increases, therefore the volume increases and the fresh incoming players align their positions in the direction of candlestick growth. Fade(Brown) : ------------------------------ MFIndex falls and volume falls. It means that the market participants are indifferent and the price movement is small on small volumes. This usually happens at the end of a trend. Fake(Blue) : ------------------------------ MFIndex increases, but the volume falls. It is highly likely that the market is being supported by broker speculation and not any significant client volume . Squat(Pink) : -------------------------------- MFIndex falls, but the volume increases. In this particular situation bulls and bears are fighting between themselves to see who will dominate the next trend. These battles are noticeable by the large sell and buy volumes. However, the price does not change appreciably since the strengths are equal. One of the competing parties either the buyers or the sellers will ultimately triumph in the battle. Usually, the fracture of such a candle indicates if this particular candle determines the continuation of the trend, or terminates the trend.  
free  16 Jun 2021
The Klinger oscillator was developed by Stephen Klinger to determine the long-term trend of money flow while remaining sensitive enough to detect short-term fluctuations. The indicator compares the volume flowing through securities with the security's price movements and then converts the result into an oscillator.  
Braid Filter
free  15 Jun 2021
Interesting trend indicator using ATR as filter.  
free  23 May 2021
Just Kijun-Sen from Ichimoku system. Plain and simple Shift option is added and 2 different modes for calculation
free  15 Jun 2021
The Damiani Volameter is another trend and range filter.When the green line is above the yellow line, the market is trending. The indicator does not display which direction the market is trending, thus, you might need to add another directional indicator like momentum, to make it a complete trading system. Note: v1.1 small bug fix  
free  23 May 2021
Absolute strength of averages with added histogram for better visability  
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