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@martingale with SL and MM:  22 Jun 2015, 12:54

Hello and thank you for the algo

The screenshot doesn't reflect reality:

The Max Risk (%) paraemter is set to be of type int, whereas in the screenshot it has a value of double.

The backtest curve is not the curve realized when using the Robot on the paraemters shown on the screenshot.

@Hedged Grid Robot:  02 Dec 2013, 16:03


We are going to look at it as soon as possible.

@Hedged Grid Robot:  22 Oct 2013, 20:26

@stoko the source parameter is not used. You can omit it.

@Hedged Grid Robot:  22 Oct 2013, 17:32

@stoko with $5000 it can manage to keep safe for as high as 10k volume. I think for any Symbol. But the more volatile and ranging the better

@Hedged Grid Robot:  14 Oct 2013, 11:14

You are right. It can be easily modified in the source code.

@Alembex:  12 Apr 2013, 15:39

Salut, que fait ce robot ?

@Pivot Points:  02 Jan 2013, 09:04

This other indicator can be used on all timeframes to display daily, weekly and monthly pivots: /algos/show/211

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@How to detect a failed fill of a PendingOrder:  28 Dec 2015, 15:09

Dear Spotware and developers,

How can I detect using the cAlgo API when the liquidity provider fail to fill a PendingOrder ?

Best regards

@My new algo:  17 Dec 2015, 18:12

This is very good.

How much is the price of this Robot ?

@My new algo:  17 Dec 2015, 15:35


There some things that need to be clarified before trying to sell a Robot:

1. In a demo account rarely you see a request being rejected or failed to be sent.

How does your robot handle failed requests sent to the broker ? Does it auto retry ?

2. The initial Balance in your backtests is $10000, I would like to see backtests with initial balance of $2000

Keep the good work.

trend_meanreversion said:

Hi Everyone,

I have recently built a bot in cAlgo which is showing promising results in back testing using tick data and no martingaling. It works best with AUDUSD (as i was able to detect an unique pattern)  and i have been testing it in live environment with very similar results.

I have one more bot on an Index CFD, again with tick data back testing results with no martingaling which is also live with very similar results as in back testing. Please find the back-testing results of them below.

Both of these bots are realistic and have high risk reward as i always seek at least 2 or 3:1 annualized return to max DD  .  This allows one to leverage if needed without blowing their accounts within limited risk appetite.

From 19 Jan 2014 - 15 Dec 2015

Total Return : 30%

Max DD : 6%

From 19 Jan 2014 - 15 Dec 2015

Total Return : 47%

Max DD : 6%

If anyone is interested in them, then please contact me "trend_meanreversion@yahoo.com"

@Smothed Heiken Ashi:  25 Aug 2015, 11:01

Hello Dear Sir,

If you mean you want a smoothed Heiken Ashi Multitimeframe indicator for the cAlgo indicator please contact us at support@scyware.com

Best regards

shg1 said:

Hi there,

Just joined and started using ctrader yesterday. Heard a lot about ctrader and moving from mt4 broker to ctrader broker soon....

I have my strategy in mt4 and i used smoothed heiken ashi mtf indicator which i cant find in indicator section so can i request here if someone who can develop one and help others...

i am not sure that this is the right section to talk but i just did and if i have posted in a wrong section then i apologies to everyone and admin...



@Convert XMT Scalper:  02 Jul 2015, 13:27


We are interested to code the Robot for you.

Please contact us at: support [at] sycware.com

pedrosimao said:


I am currently running several tests on XMT Scalper, by Capella. And besides awesome results on backtest, I am getting great results on demo. Like 100% profit per week, with low risk settings.

Unfortunately the EA scalper doesn't work so well on live accounts because Metatrader is too slow to handle the positions fast enough to become profitable. 

So, I was wondering if somebody would be interested in partner, to try to translate XMT Scalper from mq4 language into cAlgo language.

I am sure this EA has a great potential, specially on a faster platform like cTrader.

If anyone is interested I can send you the code from the original EA.


@Is Robo link by Scyware a scam?:  28 Jul 2014, 11:49

A trustworthy comment from a user with only 2 messages! Seems like you created this account only to make this comment. Anyway administrators knows that kricka account is not affiliated with scyware.

flannery said:

This is hilarious. Now they are trying with fake positive recommendations. This company should be looked into by administrators.

kricka said:

Hi guys,

I've been using the Robotlink plugin and it works exactly as advertised. I had some questions about solving an issue involving stopping other robots from a main robot. I got very fast answers from the Scyware support team. They took their time answering every question I had and my problem was solved quickly. The Robotlink plugin is a piece of software that can be programmed to control other robots in various ways and I would say in my case it worked brilliantly. 

@Is Robo link by Scyware a scam?:  18 Jul 2014, 13:14

Mr H Wanted more than examples on how to use RobotLink (samples which are available on our website), he wanted us to partner with him on his proejcts. We clearly responded that we are not open for partnership and we clearly suggested that he can request a refund in Paypal before the 60 days after the purchase.

Le 17/12/2013 18:59, J H a écrit :


Please let me know approximately when you think you will be free to help me on my project.

While parts of the project are straightforward, I think others may prove challenging and while I am very grateful to receive help for free, I am a strong believer in fair and upfront deals.  As I do plan to commercialise the project if it is successful, I think it is fairer to negotiate upfront a deal where we all benefit. 

If you are happy to work with me on the development I think you should share in the success.. I have spent many hours researching and developing this method but I need to partner with a good developer to see the project realised. 

We could agree a %of profit method, or a licence partnership or something.. Please let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards,


From: Support - Scyware [mailto:support@scyware.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 1:34 PM

To: J H
Subject: Re: STEP 1 - What do you think about my architecture..


In our last Email we have clearly said that we are open to answer any question you may have regarding using our product RobotLink.

We are not interested in a partnership with you on your project and we are not going to give you help regarding your project.

If you are not satisfied with our response you can ask for a refund for your RobotLink purchase via PayPal.

Best regards.



@New version of HedgedGrid cBot & backtests:  16 Mar 2014, 12:58

The hedged grid system is a system based on two opposite grids (one for buy and one for sale) that evolve together and hedge one another. The robot has been updated with the new cAlgo API

Download Demo version: http://www.scyware.com/upload/Scyware.HedgedGridDemo.zip

More info: http://www.scyware.com/hedged-grid

Backtest reuslts

Symbol: GBPNZD
Buy Pips Apart: 100
Sell Pips Apart: 100
Buy Volume: 4000
Sell Volume: 4000
Backtest Results
From: 09/06/2013    
To: 16/03/2014
Starting Capital: 5000€
Ending Capital: 20 478.45€
Spread: Fixed 2
Commission: 30 per million
Total Net Profit: 15 478.45€
Profit Factor: 2.5
Max DrawDown: 15.82%

Symbol: EURUSD
Buy Pips Apart: 60
Sell Pips Apart: 60
Buy Volume: 2000
Sell Volume: 2000
Backtest Results
From: 01/01/2014    
To: 15/03/2014
Starting Capital: 5000€
Ending Capital: 5503.20€
Spread: Fixed 0.8
Commission: 30 per million
Total Net Profit: 503.20€
Profit Factor: 4.47
Max DrawDown: 0.73%

Symbol: USDCAD
Buy Pips Apart: 100
Sell Pips Apart: 100
Buy Volume: 4000
Sell Volume: 4000
Backtest Results
From: 01/07/2012    
To: 07/04/2013
Starting Capital: 5000€
Ending Capital: 5797.93€
Spread: Fixed 0.8
Commission: 30 per million
Total Net Profit: 797.93€
Profit Factor: 3.13
Max DrawDown: 2.22%

@Alert Window:  09 Jan 2014, 16:03


@Pop Quizzzzzzzz:  08 Jan 2014, 11:46

If you knew how compilers work you wouldn't find it absurd. because x / y is evaluated before r. The compiler doesn't care if the result will be affected to a double when calculating x/y, for the compiler x/y is a division of two integers, thus the result should be an integer.

jeex said:

aTrader: that's exactly my point.

It's absolutely absurd that r = 0, while r is a double. If i want r to be have the value that suits a double, i have to typecast both numerator and denominator.

double r = (double)x / (double) y; 

I do not know of one language that does not use / as a simple devider with a double as result, but makes it as ambiguous as c#.

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