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@What does "volume" mean exactly in ctrader's candle chart?:  25 Jan 2023, 14:41

RedSeaBro said:

PanagiotisCharalampous said:


No, a tick is a change in price. What you described is three changes in price. This means three ticks. Each time the price field blinks, it's one tick.

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I see your point. It makes total sense. Thanks a lot!




Hello, where can i get the number of ticks from a specific candle, like in this example 103?


@1/2 or 1/3 your position size:  20 Sep 2021, 17:00

A quick Trade Button with close half of the position or also 1/3 from the position would be very very nice and useful.

if you like the idea click thumb up to vote for it. i added a picture for an example

greets Jan

@reduce lotsize / positions within a trade:  24 Aug 2021, 08:59

Hello and thanks for that first answer.

but is there any other possibility? for example an adjustment that i can choose to buy or sell against my open positions?

@reduce lotsize / positions within a trade:  23 Aug 2021, 16:57

Hello Ctrader Team,

how its possible to change the size of position fast. for example iam short with 10 and want fastly take profit of 5. at my old trading plattform i just bought 5. in ctrader it seems to be very complicated. maybe i didnt found the right setting for now.

thanks and greetings


@Disabled mousehotkeys:  23 Jul 2021, 12:23

OK but I don't want to use the keyboard I just want to use the mouswheel to scroll out an in. I don't need the mouswheel to go left and right.

@Disabled mousehotkeys:  15 Jul 2021, 21:08


why i cant change the mouse hotkeys & how its possible?

i need to zoom in and out via mousewheel.

and why i cant change my name in this forum? i dont want to use my realname?!


@Search the Indicator on this Website:  08 Jul 2021, 12:53


i cant find a searchbar/searchfunction on that indicator list on this website. There are about 80 pages.


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