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@Add more Color Options:  09 Apr 2015, 15:04

You should really improve this color stuff, custom easy to use colors everywhere is a must.

@cAlgo: Bad performance and low CPU utilization when backtesting:  20 Mar 2015, 13:23

Thanks for the detailed answer, it makes a lot of sense.

@How to generate .dll of cAlgo bot:  20 Mar 2015, 00:46

How can I generate a .dll output library for one cAlgo bot? I need a .dll I can reuse, not a .algo. For some reason a .dll was generated in my bot folder \MACDBot\bin\Debug, but now is not generated anymore for any of my bots.

@cAlgo: Bad performance and low CPU utilization when backtesting:  19 Mar 2015, 18:39

And if you don't want to add the CPU configuration option there, please at least increase the default usage from 25% to 75% or 100%. There's really no reason to use only 25% if you can use much more (which I assume you can because you can when optimizing).

@cAlgo: Bad performance and low CPU utilization when backtesting:  19 Mar 2015, 18:37

In cAlgo, it's great being able to select the max CPU usage in the Optimization tab. Personally I always use the 100% setup as this decreases the waiting time.

However, this CPU setting is not available in the Backtesting tab. I have a quad-core CPU and cAlgo is only using about 25% of the CPU when I run backtests. Please add the same setting so that backtests can be executed with 100% of the CPU and thus the wait time be reduced by a factor of 4. This will really improve the experience when you are constantly backtesting stuff.


@Add more Color Options:  19 Mar 2015, 18:33

Will selected colors be saved in any way? This is very important. If I chose a random color, such as #98DFCB, I need a way to chose the same color again without having to memorize its code. Something like saving the last 10 colors used would be a good idea.

@Custom time frames in cTrader and cAlgo:  17 Mar 2015, 13:04

I need tick-based timeframes: t10, t20, t50, t100, t200, t500, t1000, t2000, t5000, t10000

@why double instead of decimal:  28 Feb 2015, 21:19

By returning and accepting only double parameters in the API, you are encouraging the API consumer to use doubles itself, which can lead to problems. For example, this is how you could calculate the pips of a just closed position:

Pips: (closePrice - entryPrice) / Symbol.PipSize

Pips in double: (1.18013 - 1.17913) / 0.0001 = 9.999999999998899

Pips in decimal: (1.18013M - 1.17913M) / 0.0001M = 10

However I prefer double if there's a performance reason behind.

@Add more Color Options:  27 Feb 2015, 21:25

Currently basic colors like orange and pink are missing, please add a full palette such as this typical one (+black):



@Feature request: cAlgo Backtesting Trade Statistics:  27 Feb 2015, 21:00

In cAlgo, Backtesting, Trade Statistics, there are two interesting rows:

  • Max Consecutive Winning Trades
  • Max Consecutive Losing Trades

I would like to double click on those rows and be automatically taken to the History tab exactly at the trade where the consecutive winning or losing trades started. Would be really useful, because those trades are a great indicator of the market conditions the strategy works best.

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