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@Gold cbot no Loss by> Durrani:  27 Aug 2022, 22:49

celsodonini profits have to be closed after target achieved manually  and bot is running well any problem  

@Gold cbot no Loss by> Durrani:  31 Jul 2022, 21:17

if  account size is 10000 Dollar lot size 0.50 lot max  means 0.50percent risk per cbot trade

@Gold cbot no Loss by> Durrani:  31 Jul 2022, 21:14

Rule: Daily closing at 5 percent or 10 percent gain  start cBot at tokyo session or as per your risk no 1 cbot  happy journey

@Gold cbot no Loss by> Durrani:  31 Jul 2022, 11:28

its hedging strategy   

@Gold cbot no Loss:  30 Jul 2022, 14:54

only use on 1 minute and 5 minute  only XAUUSD use 0.01 lot size
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free  30 Jul 2022
always use 1 minute or 5 minute chart (candlestick) always use 0.01 lot for good returns only work on XAUUSD  open and close bot on same day after 24 hours or after sufficient profit  close the bot after the target is achieved  
free  01 Aug 2021
quick scalp 99% accurate