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@How to save historical data on the software:  13 Oct 2021, 11:38

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi Ehsan,

If you are referring to chart data for cTrader Trade, then there is no such option. Data is retrieved from the server on request, when you scroll back on the chart. If you are referring to data for backtesting symbols, then this data is saved as soon as downloaded and reused for later backtesting executions.

Best Regards,


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I was referring to cTrader Trade, but it's ok, I can use backtest option of the software.

@How to save historical data on the software:  13 Oct 2021, 06:25

Hello everyone

Is there any way to save historical data loaded on the chart?

I'm backtesting my custom indicator and need to run it on a 1 min and 5 min chart for the past 3 years of GBPUSD, EURUSD, and GBPJPY. I know how to save templates and workspace, but the historical data on any pairs (millions of candles on 1min and 5min chart) would be gone every time I close the software. Is there any way to fix this? like MT4/5 that we could download the data from any date and it would be automatically saved on the software.

Thanks in advance.

@Backtesting template saving issue:  31 Aug 2021, 15:23

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi ehsan.khabiri,

I could not reproduce the described behavior. Could you please record a video so that we can see what you are actually doing?

Best Regards,


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Sorry, that was my mistake. I'm new to this software and by mistake was clicking on the very template instead of saving and overwriting it.

So it's solved, thank you for your reply.

@Backtesting template saving issue:  31 Aug 2021, 14:38

Any suggestion? 

@Backtesting template saving issue:  30 Aug 2021, 08:11

Hello every one

I've faced an issue recently regarding the Backtesting feature of the cTrader.

When I decide to save my backtesting chart and the indicators and all the notes and lines I wrote down on the chart as a “template”، the chart would refresh/restart and it's a huge problem for me. 

I'm testing my custom indicator that needs to put more than 50 indicators such as MA and HMA and other heavy indicators with long periods such as 50000 candles. Therefore it's a big deal for me that my chart stays still and doesn't change at all after saving, because it takes me more than 30 minutes every time I load the software and template.

I save my chart more than 10 times a day, and I can't handle the matter every time I have to wait 30 minutes again to chart be prepared.

Is there any way we could fix this issue or prevent the chart from refreshing every time we save the template?

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