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@News - DailyFx Economic Calendar:  02 Feb 2018, 13:20

@Shulya The Lists need to be initialized prior to usage This indicator can be replaced with NRE cbot. Trading can be disabled in settings, and the cbot will act as an indicator showing news on the chart

@EurUSD Daily Index:  29 Mar 2015, 01:37

Thank you, this is a really nice strength indicator for finding you trades :)

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@New features:  12 Feb 2018, 00:40


I just have to ask, all the new features that you are promosing in the upcoming releases. When are they to be released.

There is plenty of features that you have stated to be implemented in future releases. However i can not see any road map or any upcoming release info regarding this. 

I few I found in the forums is:

  • Mouseclick events (to get chart data)
  • Draw forms (rectangle / triangles)
  • Renkobars.

Renkobars are interessting since you say on the white paper you have that chart available already, but I cant find it from any of the brokers I've used /seen?

Or to you plan to implement all features ever requested without an ETA of inifinity?

In my world, promising features and then, 4 years later still no ETA on that feature is not very serious!



@Access price on mouse click:  11 Feb 2018, 12:49

Hello all!!

I'm looking for a way to get the price from the chart on mouse click.

I've tried reading the Refs and asked google, but there is not much on the matter to be found. So my question is:

Is it possible to get the price in a cbot (or indicator for that matter) from a mouse click?



@Renko Median, Renko Normal, Range Bars and Point-O types with datetime as reference point:  28 Apr 2015, 10:55

Renko Is a must on a professional trading platform!

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Howdy!   Sharing one of my simple Grid trading systems. This can be used as it is but I strongly encourage you to add your own entry signal :)    Buy:Allow Buy orders Sell:Allow Sell orders PipStep: Grid base on these pip difference FirstVolume:What Volume to start with (0.01Lot) Max Spread: Max spread for girdtrade AvarageTP: Pips away for profit   Available Settings Backtesting(14/12-2016-->16/2-2017) with Stupid Entry Signal: Grid systems are dangerous to use so keep monitoring your positions.
free  05 Feb 2018
News Robot Enhanced (NRE) This robot will place one or two (depening on settings) pending orders (Buy and Sell) based on the next news event, and will only place a new order (based on next news event) when the first is finished. Will also show the news in localtime on the chart. Trading is optional and can disabled to just show news on chart André Karlsson   <> Since the Algo is to big to be uploaded here(?) you have to download it from github. You also have to install the CSV-reader prior to running the cbot. CSV-redaer can be found @ Download@ GitHub (Algo with source) (Direct link to repository is: ) Link to Video@Youtube Updates: Version 0.9.01b - 2018-02-02 New Feature: Disable trades and only show News(in localtime) on chart Fixes New CSV source (Forexfactory) parsed to new server Timezone fix, now woeking in all timezones without manual hack Fixed a bug that prevented new orders from being placed after previous win Version: Production Will place news trades based on data downloaded from forexfactory using a parser that saves the data @ http(s):// where the date is the first sunday of the week (US Style)  Place orders based on High/Meedium/Low news importance  Show historical news events onscreen  One Cancle Other or One DON'T Cancel Other  Trailing stop as an option (places SL at half of takeprofit when reached) This Cbot was originally based on the News Robot Cbot and the News - DailyFx Economic Calendar Indicator The News - DailyFx Economic Calendar Indicator is how ever broken and does not work anymore. I've added some trailing stop and Error handeling to manage empty News lists to make it more versatile and to keep it running during weekends. Due to the nature on ths Cbot you can NOT backtest it. To try it run it a few weeks on a demo account... or monitor you trades manually in the begining. This robot will place one or two (depening on settings) pending orders (Buy and Sell) based on the next news event, and will only place a new order (based on next news event) when the first is finished. If you find any bugs/issues, please let me know. Or if you have any ideas on more enhancement set me an email or write a comment.   I Recommend you to only use news with HIGH importance in order to take advantage of the volatility. The Algo file is unfortunately too big to upload here :( so you have to install the CSV reader your self. Source code can be found @: GitHub ShowNewsOnly - Whether to trade or only display upcoming news on chart. Label - Label for current robot, needs to be different for robot running on multiple pairs. ShowLow - Show and trade on Low impact news. ShowMedium - Show and trade on Medium impact news. ShowHigh - Show and trade on High impact news. EventsToDisplay - Number of news to show on chart ShowPastNews - Show previous news events on chart as tine vertical line PastNewsLookback - Download and show historical news number in weeks. 1 is to prefer currently only data for 1 week(2018/02/02) Pips away - The number of pips away from the current market price where the pending buy and sell orders will be placed. Take Profit - Take Profit in pips for each order Stop Loss - Stop Loss in pips for each order Volume - trading volume Seconds before - Seconds Before News when robot will place Pending Orders Seconds timeout - Seconds After News when Pending Orders will be deleted One Cancels Other - If "Yes" then when one order will be filled, another order will be deleted