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@Jepsian (Custom ichimoku):  16 Mar 2022, 22:57

Glad to help the community, have a nice time. tnx 
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free  12 Mar 2022
Art is in simplicity! This is a very simple and handy tool that can be a strong, fast, and loyal companion when you want to enter a position and looking for a trigger. The tool consists of RSI, one-step smoothing, and SMA and can be used for exploring Divergence, FakeOut, Support, and Resistance. Thanks to my friend that shared this idea whit me, Ali Akbari. (his telegram channel: @TFLedu)   More info or contact:      Or    
free  12 Mar 2022
The currency strength index is one of the useful indicators that help us to evaluate the market sentiment and determine the direction of Liquidity flow. Overbought/Oversold, Convergence and Divergence, Money flow direction and Curves-cross are some of the famous information that CSI provides for traders. Be aware that there is not a single method to calculate currency strength, So you may see some differences between the various versions of CSI's. Our approach in this tool is looking at 28 different pairs and calculating the strength of 8 major currencies through calculating the ratio of bodies to the length of candles over the special periods: (Close - Open) / (High - Low) over a special period In this tool, you can choose which currency you want to be reported. The colors are adjustable and the report is based on the current chart timeframe.   More info or contact:      Or  
free  01 Mar 2022
Have full control over the original Ichimoku! As you know in the original Ichimoku indicator it is possible to change Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen, and Senkou calculation range. In reality, When you are changing the default values, you are changing the foundation of logic behind the tools and you are breaking the relationship between time series and price-action interpretation. So when you want to change default values, it may be a nice idea to change the shift of elements that the original Ichimoku indicator doesn't let you do it. Jepsian is here to let you have full control over the original Ichimoku. With this indicator, you can change the calculation range and shift the elements to where the suit of your analyzing style is. In addition, with Jepsian you have two extra curves that are usable for some special conformation and analyzing. Have pay attention all the curves in Jepsian are customizable and you can change the visual side to what you want or disable them.   More info or contact:      Or  
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free  01 Mar 2022
Have ADR, ATR, Spread, Unrealized Net P/L, and symbol-info in your Ctrader-Charts. In this indicator colors are customizable. You can choose the ATR-Calculation method and define the different periods for common timeframes. When you switch your chart's timeframe, the tool detects the change and calculates the ATR depending on your timeframe and settings. In addition, you can enable or disable the options and make the tools more favorable. More info or contact:      Or    
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