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    @Market Trading Clock: Thank you and good weekend
    @Market Trading Clock: Good evening, I noticed that the clocks have moments that are overlapping one another emcima didigto
    @Scalpers Buddy: Yes it would be great because then I would know the moment the news instance time left for her to leave
    @Scalpers Buddy: Good morning, you have an indicator of reports that shows in the corner at the discretion of news and importance. Thank You Note: you can create it with the great quality of its indicators. SUCCESS for you
    @Scalpers Buddy: I'm testing the indicator, thank you
    @Market Trading Clock: thank you, once again you exceeded expectations, good for you and Business Success
    @Volume Log: Thank you, you explained already helped me a lot. desculope for my English I'm using google translater I am Brazilian. success for you
    @Volume Log: very good. you could share some strategies can be used in addition to dectar entries of sharks ???? you opoderia detail what each item of configuiração? example: what is list length: bars?
    @Volume Log: It worked my mistake was the configuration changed the 16m to a smaller volume
    @Volume Log: good Morning. By providing the housed indicator, here in my cTrader it did not work I use the   
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