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@What are some brokers that offers trading in cTrader as standard account?:  04 Mar 2022, 10:50


I'm trying to find a broker that offers trading in cTrader as standard account not as a raw spread (with commisions).

So far i tried ICMarkets even that is a good broker for me at least, they only way to open an account for cTrader is as a raw spread. I tried also pepperstone but due to their rules they only offer accounts to 1:30 leverage which is quite low for me. So have you guys tried something else in this case?

@Calculating P/L:  15 Feb 2022, 12:26


I saw a lot of threads here, that in order to calculate Lot Size in OPEN API we must follow Profit/Loss Calculation Tutorial provided there.

As i'm following the tutorial and trying to implement that on my code i have two things that i'm not understanding.

1. When i send the request at ProtoOASymbolsForConversionReq the response of it not returning bid and ask price to do this part of code:

fromAsset = "JPY"
toAsset = "USD"

// rate will be our conversion result
rate = 1

// symbols are the ProtoOASymbolsForConversionRes symbols field
symbols[] = ProtoOASymbolsForConversionRes(fromAsset,toAsset)

asset = fromAsset 

FOR symbol in symbols:
    IF positionDirection == SHORT:
        closePrice = symbol.ask
        closePrice =

    IF symbol.baseAsset == asset:
        rate = rate * closePrice
        asset = symbol.quoteAsset
        rate = rate * 1 / closePrice
        asset = symbol.baseAsset

2. While reading the tutorial (maybe i'm missing something) the last part of code where is:

volume = positionVolumeMonetary / 100

My question here is where do we get this positionVolumeMonetary?

Regards, Albi!

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