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@Windows improvement:  19 Sep 2022, 20:25

Hello, it could be usefull to have two windows open at the bottom of the general window of the app, so one could choose having a current trade window as well as for example history next to it.

@Quicktrade settings set individually for each pair/asset:  26 Jan 2022, 20:17

Quicktrade settings for each pair/asset to easly switch between pairs/assets with preloaded settings as switching between created workspaces takes a lot of time when trading different pairs.

@Synchronization of the drawings between charts under same letter:  26 Jan 2022, 20:12

As in the title, something very crucial like synchronization between charts is missing and would greatly improve working on the app.

@cTrader platform necessary improvement:  25 Jan 2022, 22:45

Quicktrade settings to easly switch between them as switching between created workspaces takes a lot of time when trading different pairs, it could improve working on the platform. OR even better, implement an icon on the symbol on the list which would shortcut to quicktrade settings for that currency so whenever someone would switch to some pair there would be settings preloaded on that pair automatically set as before.

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