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The Spotware support team will answer your questions on cAlgo, cTrader and cTrader Web, take your suggestions, and help you through your cBot and indicator development for cAlgo.



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@Spotware Systems announces Stop Limit Order for cTrader.:  04 Jun 2017, 00:00

Spotware Systems announce that they have added a new order type to their cTrader platform. This new order type is a Stop Limit Order, it has been added to desktop, web, iOS and Android versions of the platform, and it is available to all users of all brokers offering the platform.

A Stop Limit Order is a combination of a Stop Order and a Limit Order. The combination of the two orders offers to the investor much greater precision in executing the trade. Contrary to a Stop Order that is filled at the market price after the stop price has been hit, regardless of whether the price changes unfavorably. A Stop Limit Order places an order that sets a limit to the price that the investor accepts for the order. While a Stop Order can lead to trades being filled at less than desirable prices, combining it with the features of a Limit Order, trading is halted once the price becomes unfavorable, based on the investor’s Limit Range.

In summary traders can benefit from the limit of price deviation which is associated with Limit Orders while being able to Buy above the market and Sell below the market as with a Stop Order.

Panagiotis Charalampous, Business Development Manager at Spotware, stated “At Spotware, we put traders needs first. Stop Limit Order has been one of the most wanted additions to cTrader by the community and Spotware has satisfied a desire of thousands of traders. With this release, we deliver another powerful tool in the hands of traders. Now traders will be able to perform even more precise trading and expand the diversity of their trading strategies”

@cTrader for Windows Updates - April 2016:  28 Apr 2017, 00:00

The following features have been added to cTrader

Server Trailing Stop

The Trailing Stop Loss now resides on the server, it works when cTrader is closed. You can apply it when creating an order. It has also been simplified, please enter the number of pips it should trail the spot price for, and it will move every pip.

New Chart View Settings

You can now turn off the price axis overlay buttons for "Chartshot" and "Detach Chart". The "Market Sentiment" bar may also be turned on or off from the Viewing Options settings of chart preferences.

New Color Settings

You can now change the color of the "Bid" and "Ask" lines as well as the position and order lines in the Color Options settings of chart preferences.

@What's New cTrader Windows & Web for May 2017:  24 Apr 2017, 00:00

Spotware has announced the following features for cTrader Windows & Web

What’s New cTrader Windows - 2.01

Symbol Finder Click Behavior

Now you can choose different actions for what happens when you click, double click, and drag a symbol out of the Market Watch. Right click on any symbol to discover the new options available.

Symbol Window and Panel Reordering

Now you can reorder every section in the Symbol Panel and Symbol Window, including Depth of Market and Charts section.

What’s New cTrader Web - May 2017

Improved design

cTrader has a much improved color palette for the light theme, adjusted specifically for daytime operation, while the dark theme will ideally suit darker environments. A new clean design for both themes allows users to focus on content without distractions.

Order Volume Spin Button Control

A Spin Button has been added to help control the size of orders by increasing or decreasing by the minimum allowed steps. Order volumes can be modified with more precision than using the mouse wheel to scroll through preset values.

Limit and Stop Orders Separation

Limit and Stop Orders have been separated in the New Order window and have their own screen in order to simplify the process of creating pending orders. Expect more new order types soon!

@cTrader for Windows Updates - February 2016:  20 Feb 2017, 00:00

New updates have been released for cTrader for Windows. These are the following

Live sentiment

The live sentiment is a bar located in charts and the MarketWatch. It displays long versus short positions of other traders using cTrader. Use this tool to identify the percentage of traders which are currently short and long before making your decision to enter the market.


cTrader has integrated with Trading Central to offer target points for selected symbols. Targets are shown as a green line in the chart. Hover over a Target to learn more and execute the trade. Please contact your broker to find out about availability.

Aggregated Positions View

You can now choose to see your positions in aggregated mode by using a drop down box in the "Positions" tab in the TradeWatch. Aggregated positions can be expanded, collapsed or closed.

Volume Selection Tooltip

cTrader's volume selection tooltip helps you select the appropriate volume for your order by displaying the pip value, margin required, amount risked and more. The tooltip is available when hovering over any volume selector.

Font Size Setting

The font size of the application can be configured using a slider. Please note that the application's elements will adapt to the new font size by scaling up or down.

New Color Scheme

cTrader's colour scheme has been simplified. Everything related to Buying (Order buttons, Ask price, Trendbars going up) is green, and everything related to Selling, is orange.

Balance Line Visibility

cTrader's balance line is now always visible. Clicking on the balance line cycles between two different layouts.

Done Orders

You can find all a history of all the orders you've sent to the server. Open the the "History" tab and click at "Done Orders" button.

@cTrader Supports FIX API Trading with Hedging Accounts:  13 Feb 2017, 00:00

Dear Traders,

We are happy to announce with their recent update, trading with hedging accounts via FIX API is now fully supported and details can be found in their updated Rules of Engagement. The scope of cTrader’s FIX API now includes application messages for Request for Positions and Position Report to allow traders to manage open positions through FIX API.

In August 2016 cTrader broke ground by becoming the first retail focused platform to provide a FIX API to all users without any minimum requirements or commitments from traders, thus making the popular communication technology open to anyone regardless of whether they have a live or demo cTrader account.

We have also provided code for a sample application written in c# to highlight how to send and receive FIX messages to and from cTrader. This sample can be found in their GitHub repository here: A complete guide of how to work with the code sample can be found in their help site here:

@What's new cTrader 2.0 - February 2nd, 2017:  02 Feb 2017, 00:00

cTrader 2.0 has been released and contains the following features

QuickTrade Settings Rearranged

QuickTrade settings have been rearranged to provide a clearer understanding of how this feature works and accommodate more options. Stop or Limit Orders created from the chart now using the QuickTrade settings applied here.

Limit and Stop Orders Separation

Limit and Stop Orders have been separated in the New Order window and have their own screen in order to simply the process of creating pending orders. Expect more new order types soon!

Symbol Panel

When a Symbol is clicked, details will be shown in the bottom of the MarketWatch, this section is the Symbol Panel. This feature can be disabled by right clicking the MarketWatch and selecting "Symbol Panel: Off". This section can adjusted and detached.

Absolute or Relative Protection

When applying Stop Loss and Take Profit points for Stop or Limit Orders you can now choose whether to set it in Pips or Price.

Set Risk Level

When applying Stop Loss and Take Profit points for Market Orders the level of Profit or Loss can be applied as a percentage of Balance that should be risked or earned as well as the above mentioned Absolute or Relative values.

Order Volume Spin Button Control

A Spin Button has been added to help control the size of orders by increasing or decreasing by the minimum allowed steps. Order volumes can be modified more precisely than using the mouse wheel to scroll through the preset values.

@New features in November 2016 update of cTrader Windows:  23 Nov 2016, 00:00

We have announced the new features included in the just released November 2016 update of cTrader for Windows. This update features a new Stop Out logic for cTrader which has been branded as Smart Stop Out.

Smart Stop Out

A new Stop Out logic has been introduced to cTrader. No longer are entire positions closed to help restore margin. Now only what is necessary will be partially closed from a position to help traders retain positions and their account. Read more about how this works in our help page.

Improved design

cTrader has a much improved color palette for the light theme, adjusted specifically for day time operation while the dark theme will ideally suit darker environments. A new clean design of both themes allows users to focus on content without distractions.

@New features in September 2016 update of cTrader Windows.:  02 Sep 2016, 00:00

We have just announced the new features included in the just released September 2016 update of cTrader for Windows as the company continues to deliver regular product updates to benefit traders.

Multiple Cloud Watchlists

cTrader ID users can now store multiple Watchlists which are saved and synced in the cloud. You can arrange your Watchlists by reordering your favorite symbols using a drag & drop functionality. This feature lets you group and categorize your favorite symbols. This feature can only be used when signed in with cTrader ID.

Trigger side for Stop Orders

Stop Orders, including Stop Losses can be triggered by using either the Bid, Ask or second consecutive Bid or Ask price. Your choice can be made regardless of trade direction. You can choose either Trade (Default), Opposite, Double Trade or Double Opposite in conjunction with a Stop Order or Stop Loss.

Custom Hot Keys

Now you can set your preferred key or key combination for a range of cTrader functions and actions. Simply go to the Custom Hot Keys panel found on the toolbar in the upper section of the application and click to edit the field, then enter your preferences. Your preferences are applied immediately.

@Αnnouncing the introduction of FIX API with every cTrader account:  01 Aug 2016, 00:00

Today we announced the introduction of FIX API credentials with every cTrader account by default, marking a major milestone for the industry as cTrader becomes the first retail platform to offer such functionality. With today's update users can see a new menu item called FIX API in their cTrader, cAlgo and soon to be cTrader Web.

“From the very beginning our aim has been to deliver an institutional environment to retail traders, this has been achieved through a variety of key areas and this is a major contribution to the industry leading service which our broker-clients can deliver to their traders. We have opened up this feature to any trader, regardless of their deposit size. This is another feature which will be available out of the box to benefit everyone.” James Glyde, Head of Business Development, Spotware Systems.

In November 2013 Spotware Systems also became the first e-FX & CFD technology firm to offer both netted and hedged accounts within a single environment. The newly added FIX API for every account is available for both account types.

This unprecedented feature is available to all cTrader brokers at no additional cost, as well as without limit on the number of accounts which can be created with FIX API’s and is ready for traders to begin accessing FIX credentials from their existing cTrader account.

Due to the high per user cost of offering FIX API trading even retail brokers impose high minimum requirements on their traders, whether it’s based on trading volume commitment or deposit size these restrictions made access to FIX APIs sometimes impossible to a vast number of users. Because of Spotware’s ruthless determination to create the most accessible service, any trader can utilize FIX API trading with no minimum criteria enforced on them.

@cTrader supports Islamic accounts :  16 Jun 2016, 00:00

We have announced today the support of Shariah Compliant (Swap Free) accounts from all cTrader platforms. Now traders can decide when creating a demo account if their account should be made Swap Free. The functionality has been designed to meet all of the requirements of Shariah Law and the principles articulated for "Islamic finance".

"After extensive research along with the help and support of our clients we have been able to create and introduce a Shariah Compliant, Swap Free account type which allows cTrader brokers to offer trading accounts to their Islamic clients. This functionality is available from cTrader natively" James Glyde, Head of Business Development

The cTrader Swap Free account type is an attribute of a trading account and does not require the broker to create individual groups specifically for Islamic traders where they could impose higher spreads or commissions simply to recuperate speculative Swap charges incurred themselves and make up for missed revenues. This functionality allows Islamic traders to receive all other trading conditions as promoted for their broker’s classic and premium account types. The main point of this feature is to ensure Islamic traders will never have to factor sub-par conditions into their strategies or be restricted by a limited range of markets due to their faith.

For brokers who are concerned with the risk of overnight swaps arbitrage an option to charge a fixed daily administration fee exists after a predefined grace period. This is a completely flexible and optional setting for brokers who wish to use it, meaning it only exists to protect brokers in accordance to their business operations. All fees are fully disclosed to users via the cTrader platforms highly detailed and informative UI.

"Thanks to the detailed feedback of our clients and their local representatives for the Middle Eastern region this functionality is already in line with the majority of our client’s policies, meaning they will be rolling out Swap Free cTrader accounts in no time." James Glyde, Head of Business Development Furthermore Spotware announce additional new features supported by cServer 4.3 to enhance risk management for their No Dealing Desk solution. These include instant margin recalculation for open positions, maximum exposure limit for each symbol in each group and the ability to determine ticket size increments.

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