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Ichimoku Plus
paid  04 Apr 2022
This indicator is based on "Ichimoku", and with its additional and useful features, it can help traders to get the right positions and help analysts to have an accurate analysis. Additional features used in this indicator are: Prediction of "KijunSen" and "TenkanSen" motion in the future and drawing it on the chart. This feature is a great help for market prediction. It has two extra KijunSen that user can adjust the period and properties of their lines.(eg 103 and 207) It has a QualityLine and DirectionLine, which is the same KijunSen that shift 26 Candle to the front and back. Using these two lines can be a great help in Trading and analysis. There is a separate "KijunSen" and "TenkanSen" With different settings for shifting forward or backward to the user's desired number Adjust and modify the Kumo and Chikou and TenkenSen and extra KijunSen and QualityLine and DirectionLine shift to the desired value. Adjust and change the color of the Kumo. for purchase and download this Indicator, Please Contact Email: ichimokutrader4@gmail.com or Telegram Id:  https://t.me/Ichi_trader1 Price: 15 $ Several of the features described above with Numbers are shown in the image below:
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