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@cTrader Fisher Vortex (VI) Indicator:  29 Apr 2022, 05:00

v1.09 Reformat marker's value (+0.0 -0.0), hide pointer when Digitals and Name both off; Y-range can be auto-arranged if set to 0/0; Y-Axis Gridline can be set off.   mobile auto glass repair

@MACD Divergence:  29 Apr 2022, 04:57

v1.10 Improve calculation and efficiency, (add 'pips-value' factor to the results according to base currency), optimise chart view settings.   termite damage repair

@Ichimoku Kinko Hyo:  29 Apr 2022, 04:56

The indicator's cursor can show digitals, names or hide.   Wall Rot Repair

@EVER Trend Line:  29 Apr 2022, 04:55

I've also adapted this indicator to run sccessfully with renko charts...   home building supply

@Candlestick Pattern Finder:  29 Apr 2022, 04:50

I use the ETX platform to get that opportunity and then these 4 hour levels are even updated completely automatically.   Concrete Driveways

@King Market Structure:  29 Apr 2022, 04:48

 This works even better for me than levels on daily.   Emergency Tree Removal

@Gaussian Filter Al:  29 Apr 2022, 04:45

I hope someone will program a pivot points indicator based on 4 hour levels which can be used on the c-trader platform.    concrete driveway

@Forex Heat Map Panel for cTrader:  29 Apr 2022, 04:43

The Pivot Points indicator that you can find in cTrader Web doesn't do this job very well....and it doesn't appear at all if the selected timeframe is not a time-based timeframe but that is something different.   Concrete Driveways

@Bulls and Bears (v2):  29 Apr 2022, 04:41

This seems pretty obvious but it hasn't been the case in many different pivot points indicators that I have found on this site.   Commercial Roofing
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