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@Position size for balance's % risk: ka.wcs, Thanks for your comment. I wondered when somebody will ask for this little, extra helper with marked up stop/profit levels ;) Here is the one I use, as a separate indicator, works good as a combo with the risk indicator. No drag and drop though, too much trouble. On the other hand it is dynamic, so it always oscillate around current price and that whole the point of this helper. Also I prefer to keep those two separate, rather as one indicators. Reason is, you might want to keep it on smaller time frame, but on larger one levels are set visually too close, so you want to remove it. /algos/indicators/show/1044 Just one general comment for all you guys who consider the current one. Obviously you can have it as a separate tool: an excel spreadsheet or an online calculator. I like to keep it as an indicator directly on my charts - it helps me to remember about risk management ;)   Have a good Christmas and safe trading!!!
@RSI3 Dynamic_ATR: I did back testing of this robot, with default setting, on eurusd, default 1 pip spread and no commission, over 4 years period. It did 4% profit total with max drawdown 8%. Not so good I would say. Surely I could play with parameters, but there is so many parameters to go with.
@Raghee's Wave Candles: Thanks man! I was  looking to experiment with her method and this indicator comes very handy.    
@Draw Min/Max Spread: ... and for your interest here are spreads in points on live accounts from two broker right at Nonfarm Payrolls release:   usdjpy   icmarket: 32.1   pepperstone: 29.8 gbpusd   icmarket: 33.9   pepperstone: 17.4 eurusd   icmarket: 77.9   pepperstone: 13.9
@Draw Min/Max Spread: Thanks 9600302. I find this indicator useful to trace extreme spreads around major news. For instance I have seen quite a few times spread going into 20-30 points area at the time, whereas normal times is below 1. Sometimes action is so fast that its hard to trace few markets at the same time. This indicator freezes extremes to a review later.
@Draw Min/Max Spread: And here we are, the most interesting experiment, spread seconds before and after US PMI: IC Markets: -0.2/13.3 (min/max) Pepperstone: 1.1/5.1 (min/max) Obviously we are talking about live accounts. Demo accounts seems to be, not surprisingly, less moderate.   Have fun with this indicator...  
@Draw Min/Max Spread: And some details from first 30 minutes of European session on EURUSD:   IC Markets: -0.1/1.8 (min/max) Pepperstone: 1.1/1.7 (min/max) As you can see its good to verify spread claims by specific provider and more important check volatility in different markets and time of day.
@Draw Min/Max Spread: Forgot to add, those values are for EURUSD. Mid Asian session: IC Market ECN account minimum spread dropped to actually -0.4 (minus). Dont know for how long, but here we are... No change for Pepperstone.    
@Draw Min/Max Spread: Couple broker examples, for lazy Monday Asian session: IC Market True ECN account: 0.1/0.5 (min/max) Pepperstone Standand account: 1.1/1.7 (min/max)
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free  24 Dec 2015
This indicator dynamically on each tick draws symmetrical lines around a current price to give you a quick idea when your profit target and stop loss maybe located in relation to current price, swings, pivots and generally price action. Nothing advanced, but useful tools to visualize your action before you actually take it. You might want to use in combo with this indicator ;) /algos/indicators/show/975   Enjoy safe trading!!!  
free  08 Nov 2015
In indicator display position size for specified currency pair and balance's % risk (stop loss). It does not take into account spread or fees, so simply adjust % to accommodate those. I like to have this displayed o the chart, it helps me with risk management through different currency pairs.   Please let me know by comment if it is useful for you or how would you improve.  
Draw Min/Max Spread
free  01 Jun 2015
FX brokers make a lot of claims about minimum and maxim spread of an instrument. But is it really reliable? Use this indicator to display real minimum and maxim spread from moment the indicator is initialized. I used Draw Spread by
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