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@Acumulative Swing Index Bot:  23 Nov 2021, 21:18

Hola, sencillo pero eficaz robot sin embargo la pregunta de confirmar la señal antes de abrir queda por resolver.

@Snow Trader cBot:  13 Nov 2021, 19:22

On video It looks so good it could be fit to compete and I wish there was a demo version  to backtest  for anything would do behind the scene, what demo is meant to prevent.

@Chop Zone:  12 Sep 2021, 14:01

It's basically the Price ROC in angle degrees sliced in 9 parts,,

@Trend Regularity Adaptive Moving Average:  06 Sep 2021, 15:58


@Trend Regularity Adaptive Moving Average:  06 Sep 2021, 15:52

Thanks for uploading your code, At first sight it is remainder of ADX volatility , in fact it is quiet near   at double  the period but with a simpler code.   Chartshot

@ADX VMA:  14 Apr 2019, 20:39

There might be an error in line 85  ;  _iSeries[index] = ((1 - _k)*_iSeries[1] + _k*diff/sum); it should be _iSeries[index] = ((1 - _k)*_iSeries[index-1] + _k*diff/sum);  Based on the formula of exponential moving average

@Hedging progresivo:  28 Oct 2016, 22:59

Positions.Closed abarca todo los symboles , entonces hay que filtrar en closedPosition así:             var pos = arg.Position;             if ( arg.Position.SymbolCode != Symbol.Code ) return;             if ((pos.NetProfit < 0))                 Positions.Closed -= closedposition;             OnStart();   Suerte.  

@TriForce:  12 Aug 2016, 20:41

Merci pour le partage du code Ludohoebi.

@ClickAlgo News Release Manager:  29 Mar 2016, 10:17

Hello Paul, to get it work in non-english localized system , it need this : line 236 fxNews = new FxNewsDailyFxDownloadPath, IncludeMediumLevelNews, IncludeHighLevelNews, CustomDateFormat); replaced by this: CultureInfo CI = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture ; Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo ( "en-US" ) ; fxNews = new FxNews(DailyFxDownloadPath, IncludeMediumLevelNews, IncludeHighLevelNews, CustomDateFormat); Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = CI ; Then it works in all cultures, otherwise it refuses alphabetic Myfxbook date format on non-english culture system.        

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@When the user clicks "Close Ctrader Desktop" it means Close Ctrader Desktop:  21 Aug 2021, 14:24

Please remove the annoying Confirm Close Ctrader dialog that appears whenever the user cliks to close Ctrader, just like it should be, thanks.

@Bug report : Auto Format Code in Code Editor:  21 Aug 2021, 13:10

Hello guys,

Each time a new version is uploaded, user's code is auto-formatted without him having a say so he looses its own formating, which can make coding impracticable.

Auto Format Code in Code Editor should come unchecked by default  in order to discard this effect. 

It is not a suggestion but a bug as it nulliifies the very optional character of the feature, actually auto format is optional only until the next version which can be very short time if Beta version is also used..

Issue have been duly reported,

Thanks for attending

Auto Format Code : Let's make it unchecked by default

@Set curly brackets - not possible with CTRL ALT 7/0:  16 Jul 2021, 17:38

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi galafrin,

Beta is a degraded solution, we are not Beta testers

I did not mention anything about Beta in this thread. 

any new install formats all the souce code

I am not sure what do you mean. Can you elaborate?

In general, if you are building complicated cBots, we strongly recommend to use Visual Studio, which is a full blown IDE for .Net projects, and not rely on the built-in editor. The built-in editor is just a handy tool for small cBots and easy modifications. We do not have major plans for improving it.

Best Regards,


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You mentioned Beta on Telegram as a solution for this bug but automate was covenient enought for developping and testing until this bug. . It would have been better to fix it  versus waiting monthes for a bif update we are not asking yet. Keep in mind this bug is a regressive one.

I am refering to " Format Code Automatically " check box on automate settings , this should come unchecked by default, otherwise users loose theiir own previous code formatting. at each install. which can happen for a number of reasons

@Set curly brackets - not possible with CTRL ALT 7/0:  16 Jul 2021, 16:17

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi galafrin,

4.1 has not been released to IC Markets yet.

Best Regards,


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Hello Panagiotis

Beta is a degraded solution, we are not Beta testers plus the very annoying fact that any new install formats all the souce code, so at the very  less  this option should come unchecked by default. whatever the upgrade is.

@Set curly brackets - not possible with CTRL ALT 7/0:  16 Jul 2021, 14:04

Hello I am still on 4.0.14 in ICM broker and automate does not work properly, broker says he don't have the version, can you believe it ?

@Slow performance, hanging, not responding:  14 Jul 2021, 17:30

It has always been slow and I  feel it is not really improving in that matter for instance it takes a few minutes to start my profile  sadly because quickly operating is critical. . Perhaps upgrading to .latest version of Dot Net Framework from 7 years old 4.0 will do, thouight.

@How to calculate margin for 1 lot?:  14 Jul 2021, 16:52

Hi here is how I get it : 

First Convert the instrument price to account currency ;   

Symbol.Bid * Symbol.TickValue / symbol.TickSize 

Then multiply by standard instrument volume in units 

* Symbol.VolumeInUnits

Finally divide by instrument leverage supposing onnly one entry in the instrument dynamicLeverage table

/ Symbol.DynamicLeverage[0].Leverage

the whole formula gives this

Margin_Required = Symbol.Bid * Symbol.TickValue / symbol.TickSize * Symbol.VolumeInUnits / Symbol.DynamicLeverage[0].Leverage

@Set curly brackets - not possible with CTRL ALT 7/0:  14 Jul 2021, 16:14

My broker hasn't got the update yet and I am still on 4.0.14. 

@Problems with Backrun and Optimization functions in cAlgo:  24 Feb 2017, 00:36


Tick data could be of singular value , for instance large negative spread , even corrupt in part, then I would recomand to try M1 open price option which are generally safe , even other broker data because some are better than others on ticks, then try to detect from wich date it begun to loop . Indeed there are some issues with Backtesting actually. 

@Where is the service???:  07 Feb 2017, 19:07

Spotware said:

Hi there,

Thanks for your post in our forum. I am sorry that you find this situation frustrating. 

Allow us to explain and perhaps you may understand and respect our position. We have a team dedicated to support brokers, because we are a B2B company and they are our clients. Our current team can handle up to 100 brokers (100 entities). Our team cannot handle 300,000 traders (300,000 entities). The fees we charge brokers reflect the requirement to support a single entity only, not their thousands upon thousands of clients. 

In a typical supply chain situation we would be considered a wholesaler or even manufacturer. Our fees to brokers are a fraction of what they are to end users, becuase they have large overheads - such as large support teams.

Brokers are responsible for supporting their clients (you) and Spotware (us) are responsible for supporting them. 

PS - we screen calls and have a white list of number who are our clients. 

I hope this explanation is well received. 


Spotware Team

Not very diplomatic for those who are at the start of your food chain , hey , some bugs have to be reported out there don't you think , that is if you intend to stick around the  next five years.!

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This curve is the moving average of weighted sum of four homogenous oscillators , Relative Strength Index , Money Flow Index , Williams Percent Range and Demarker , shaped as MACD. It tends to filter out false signals thus enhancing real ones. Agressive strategy focuses on slope for instance two adjacent segments of same direction supports higher probabilty the next would follow direction if using fast overall period and higher timeframe. Moderate strategy focuses on sign of value for direction. Conservative strategy focuses on level of value for trading. Weight and period can be adjusted separately for tuning. It has been converted from MT5.     
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Fractal Keltner channels are centered on one adaptative fractal moving average like FRAMA. A bar entering the green channel from above signals a short trend while a bar entering the blue channel from underneath signals a long trend. A bar fully outside its previous channel signals the end of the trend .. This Indicator has been converted from MT5.    
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