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    @ADX VMA: There might be an error in line 85  ;  _iSeries[index] = ((1 - _k)*_iSeries[1] + _k*diff/sum); it should be _iSeries[index] = ((1 - _k)*_iSeries[index-1] + _k*diff/sum);  Based on the formula of exponential moving average
    @Hedging progresivo: Positions.Closed abarca todo los symboles , entonces hay que filtrar en closedPosition así:             var pos = arg.Position;             if ( arg.Position.SymbolCode != Symbol.Code ) return;             if ((pos.NetProfit < 0))                 Positions.Closed -= closedposition;             OnStart();   Suerte.  
    @TriForce: Merci pour le partage du code Ludohoebi.
    @ClickAlgo News Release Manager: Hello Paul, to get it work in non-english localized system , it need this : line 236 fxNews = new FxNewsDailyFxDownloadPath, IncludeMediumLevelNews, IncludeHighLevelNews, CustomDateFormat); replaced by this: CultureInfo CI = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture ; Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo ( "en-US" ) ; fxNews = new FxNews(DailyFxDownloadPath, IncludeMediumLevelNews, IncludeHighLevelNews, CustomDateFormat); Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = CI ; Then it works in all cultures, otherwise it refuses alphabetic Myfxbook date format on non-english culture system.        
    @cAlgo4u News Release Manager: Thanks for sharing the code Paul.
    @cAlgo4u GUI Extension Example: Hi Paul, this is indeed a working turn around  to modeless WPF form that cAlgo won't let us pop for a reason.
    @cAlgo4u GUI Extension Example: You form must be modal as it keeps the control from returning to its parent windows which is the cBot that launched it, not cTrader. Yes the form can be minimized and you can handle cTrader but the cBot is bloked until you close the form.  I used your example to modify stops in batch until I realize the cBot was hung. Then I tried to make it modeless, got OnTick control but this time the form was frozen.  
    @cAlgo4u GUI Extension Example: Anyway it is no big deal if modeless form aren't available from any cBot , there is always the option to set up a cBot that would only lauch a form to perform punctual tasks such as trading then stop. 
    @cAlgo4u GUI Extension Example: Hello, cBot from which this form is launched loose control until the form is closed, as it is modeless,  Form.Show() would make it modeless only with another form, meaning it does not work with "Aplication,Run(form)", contrary to  what I wrote above.    I can't have this example working modeless nor my own cBot which would take advantage of any modeless form actually.  this in order to interact with the cBot while it is running, it would be great to achieve that.      
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    free  03 Feb 2017
    This curve is the moving average of weighted sum of four homogenous oscillators , Relative Strength Index , Money Flow Index , Williams Percent Range and Demarker , shaped as MACD. It tends to filter out false signals thus enhancing real ones. Agressive strategy focuses on slope for instance two adjacent segments of same direction supports higher probabilty the next would follow direction if using fast overall period and higher timeframe. Moderate strategy focuses on sign of value for direction. Conservative strategy focuses on level of value for trading. Weight and period can be adjusted separately for tuning. It has been converted from MT5.     
    free  13 Jul 2019
    Fractal Keltner channels are centered on one adaptative fractal moving average like FRAMA. A bar entering the green channel from above signals a short trend while a bar entering the blue channel from underneath signals a long trend. A bar fully outside its previous channel signals the end of the trend .. This Indicator has been converted from MT5.    
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