Free AW Symbol Watermark ctrader
12 Sep 2022, 09:22
Adds a watermark to the chart background displaying symol name and description and timeframe with options( color, font, alignment, opacity, show description)  
Free Risk Reward Tool Experto - Edit
14 Dec 2022, 10:48
Hi tank you from TraderExperto I edited this indicator to show the risk to reward and the amount of entering the position and.. at the same time.   PS = position...
25 Oct 2022, 12:05
This is a simple Indicator based on two Moving Averages, base on Close Price  when two moving average crossover the sound you selected will be played and uparrow/downarrow  icons displayed
Free ZigZag-Manual
22 Feb 2023, 22:23
hi With this control you can draw zigzag manually First Press َ ALT+ Z to enable  Then a trend line is drawn with each left  mouse click Press َ ALT+...