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Hello my friend Thank you for your comment These things you mentioned are completely true, but the presence of these things does not bring confidence to the buyer Bot performance is what makes the buyer trust
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paid  04 Oct 2022
By recognizing the fractal in different times, the bot starts trading in a scalping manner in the gold chart and the set time. And with beautiful transactions in both directions, it will get you significant profit and low risk. The bot trades a small number of positions due to the use of several time frames to enter a low-risk transaction. Positions will be closed with three different algorithms, and the profit limit and loss limit will be set by the robot based on support and resistance. The robot is completely automatic and does not need any settings for trading from you. You just need to set the amount of balance and leverage that you want the bot to determine the input volume of positions based on, and turn it on once. All work is done by The bot itself will be done. Those who are interested in the robot trading with their own strategy can prepare it in the form of source code and edit the position entry codes and benefit from the robot's timely entry, management and exit. For more information about the robot and its order, send a message to the following Gmail: purchase the full version. The price without the source code is $70.  The price with the source code is $350. The video below is a backtest of the robot in the one-hour time frame on the gold chart, where you can see how the robot works.